June 30th, 2021


Palm is home; unrelated - some words in passing

Cox cable guy paid a visit and after a lot of communication with the office, he discovered that the Tivo cannot de-scramble the extra stations I ordered. There's a tuner box needed in between the cable and the Tivo. No thanks. I canceled the extra channels after finding out that most of the Olympics will be on regular stations, thanks to the time zone difference between NYC and Tokyo.

Watched Catfish, Hot Bench and did some channel surfing. Caught the end of Bernie Sanders' Finding Your Roots. Reset my schedule to record all episodes, not just new ones (this one was not new). Also set the schedule for Shark Tank to look at the right station.

Made a dermatology appointment for the sunburn-turned-Satanic-icon on my face. Once again my PCP office sent the referral to never never land, but the scheduler said she would make the appointment anyway. I think I need to call the PCP office.

Ironed a lot of Hawaiian shirts. Did a load of undies - will start the dryer in the morning when it is cooler.

Watched too much news. Happy to see Cosby out of jail. Sad to see the Florida rescue team pussyfooting around.

No word from Palm's foster, made me nervous. Finally got the call at 4:30, turns out she only lives 10 minutes from me, so I was early for the 6 pm pickup. Her adorable daughter made sure I had some of Palm's special food, both dry and canned. What I feed Spook is, I think, better. But I put some of the kibble out just in case.

Palm was silent the whole trip, I brought her inside and set the carrier near the litterbox so she would know where it was. Then I brought it into the livingroom and opened it near the food & water. She didn't move. When Spook saw the carrier coming she ran into the bedroom and hid in the closet. I don't think Palm saw her.

Decided to let her be, and went to work on the PC. Bills to pay, email to answer, old Thailand photos to post on FB. When I next looked, the carrier was empty and Palm was scrunched uncomfortably under a bar stool in the corner of the aquarium room.

Spook tried to poke at her, and got poked back. After a couple of hours I moved the stool and picked up Palm, but she squealed and launched herself out of my arms. She has very sharp claws. I'm seeing three scratches on my hand. But the good news is she relocated under the roll-top desk, more space, more comfortable, with an office chair for protection. Spook has gone back to her perch by the porch window, after doing a CSI-worthy sniff job under the stool.

I'm going to let them be overnight unless I hear any fighting. Worst case I will set up the guest room with food, water and litterbox for Palm.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fire up the dryer
3 pm Lenscrafters appointment
Check the mailbox, my renewed debit card should be in there