July 1st, 2021


Early to rise...

Spook was in the closet when I woke up, Palm was curled up in the hidey hole in the office. I'm pretty sure both of them were out and about a little bit while I slept, but I heard no fighting.

I was up about 6, played on the tablet - FL fisherman was streaming on Twitch, LVFD was on the scanner.

Calls from Lenscrafters about my 3 pm appointment - and texts and email. My guess is they have a lot of no-shows.

Somehow I was asleep till 8:30 thought i was up at 8.

During the day Spook came out now and then, she jumped on my lap a couple of times to be petted (she did not want the brush). But most of the day she was either in the closet or on the porch perch.

I found two dead opaline gouramis - only one of those left, plus the big Blue. Two angelfish are missing. The tank has carnivores. Maybe the pleco - he's the biggest fish in the tank but he hides. Puzzling because the water is crystal clear and there is still a lot of floating plant life - the male betta is the only one of that species to survive and he hides in the plants jungle. There are still too many fish for that size tank.

Deliveries today: a cold pack with 4 500 unit U-500 insulin pens. at 265 unit a day, that's only a week's supply. I'll start with that tomorrow.
Also dropped on the back porch was a miserably wrapped and slightly damp box from SodaStream with diet ginger ale and diet lemon lime syrups. I still have most of a case of Canada Dry cans of zero sugar ginger ale in the fridge, so those will have to wait.

Read the news, worked on my Tivo settings, some programs are set to record but don't have a designated channel because they are not playing in the  next 2 weeks.

2:30, headed for Lenscrafters, my GPS took me to The Galleria, and left me with no clue which building was the one. I called, turns out they are in the mall. I did not even know there was a mall. Now I do. It's huge. Two stories, lots of shops. Lots of people. Long walk from where I parked, but I got there right on time, except there were two idiots ahead of me. One just wouldn't stop chatting, the other had no idea how to make an appointment.

But Once I was checked in it was Good. The cute petite blonde who checked me in also did the preliminary tests, then the doctor came in and did the optometry thing and he also did a quick look for cataracts and retinopathy. The before and after charts showed my vision would be a lot better with glasses.

Next I was given to a woman who entered my prescriptions into the system and showed me frames. I chose one for computer and one for sunglasses. Next was a very thin Vietnamese-American woman who did the prices, and got me a much better deal on their sunglasses sale than the insurance gave.

I guess I'll see those in a couple of weeks.

Home, I went onto 39dollarglasses, saw that my 2019 prescription was way weaker than today's, entered the new data and ordered backups, for about 1/4 of Lenscrafter's prices.

Dishwasher is due tomorrow, so I moved stuff to clear a path from the front door.  Salad and an ice cream pop for dinner.

Palm has been shifting around in her hole. I've taken my drugs, I think I'll  go to bed early. There's food and water and cat grass nearby.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dishwasher install noon - 3 window
Make an appointment for the hematology tests