July 2nd, 2021


Installation Day

Palm spent the night in her hidey hole. Spook was in the bedroom closet, but also out in the front room. When my alarm went off she jumped on the bed for a minute then bailed.

LVFD scanner was not very busy. One fire and a few ambulance calls for very elderly people.

In medical news, I was right - my PCP faxed the dermatology referral to the wrong number. A very patient admin at Las Vegas Skin & Cancer called her and got the fax sent to her number. It took about 5 minutes but now I have a confirmed appointment.

I put some of Palm's canned food in a bowl in front of her hideaway, and she poked her head out and nibbled, but did not drink any of the water.

Dishwasher guy arrived at noon, did a careful professional job of uninstalling the old unit and installing the new one. I had been up at 6 remembering I needed to empty the cabinet under the sink. Got that done after breakfast. But while I was up I tuned into FL fisherman stream. Bad weather cut that short. There were a lot of cans of things left by the previous owner. I need to find a hazmat drop-off.

The new unit has its controls and indicator lights on top of the door, hides them with the door closed. So when I loaded the dishwasher and started it up, I wasn't sure it was on. I could see the blue lights which say which features I have chosen, and the manual said when the job was done the lights would go out. During the dry cycle I knew it was working because the counter top got hot. The specs said it was a 55dB noise level, the same spec as there old one, but it was far quieter.

Palm came out, ran behind the TV and parked herself near where Maam used to, but when I started putting dishes away she went back to the hole, and later wedged herself onto the window sill. But when she saw me looking at her she bolted, this time into the kitchen. And now she is back in the hole. Baby steps, I guess. She has amazing big wide eyes.

Speaking of eyes, some FB friends suggested Zenni Optical, so I checked it out, and ended up ordering sunglasses on sale. So I have sunglasses coming from them, and and sunglasses & computer glasses from $39 and Lenscrafters.

The dishwasher install was done by 1, but by then there were no appointments free at Quest until Tuesday (Monday is July 4th Observed). Some research shows the hematologist is looking for blood cancer - not leukemia, something which can be treated with meds and maybe transfusions. And maybe stem cells.  

Delivered to the front door was an Amazon order of path lights (the garbage truck ran over and smashed one of mine) and feeding rings for the aquarium.

Delivered to the back door a minute later (UPS) was SodaStream diet orange syrups. This time packed carefully, no leaks. The bottles say they are made in Israel, Ashkelon, which is very close to Gaza, so they can hire Palestinians for low pay. But at least they have moved out of Palestine.

Made an emergency Albertson's run for ice cream and fruit bowls.

I streamed for 45 minutes, two lurkers but they didn't chat.

90 Day was 2 reruns, Gold Rush was a rerun plus the season finale which had a joyous ending.

Palm is in her hole with her feet sticking out. Spook is across the house guarding the porch window.

Youngest sister phoned yesterday, he husband's twin brother was found dead next to his bed. She said he had mended his addict ways years ago, and this was a big shock. Their birthday was last week.

Friend from Motorola days phoned, but I was dealing with the referrals and by the time I got back to him he was heading for a meeting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home, hope for Palm to explore some more. Hope Spook continues to behave herself.
Make some SodaStream sodas.