July 3rd, 2021


New Insulin kicked my butt

Broke out the new U-500 insulin, and was surprised it dialed up my very large dosage with much room to spare. Also shot up my weekly Ozempic. Hgl was a bit high this morning, had the usual breakfast, an hour later my Hgl was down a lot.

9 am 193
10:30 118
1:50 119
4 pm 87 - this is low for me, I ate a Klondike bar and a bowl of mixed fruit to bring it up. Then I went for the overkill, finished the last 3 scoops of a container of ice cream with magic shell on it.

Low Hgl always drains me, so I went to the bedroom to lie down. Played on the tablet, for a 4th of July weekend the local fire department scanner was amazingly quiet. Watch a video but my eyes were tired so I took a nap.

Started sweating and feeling low so I got up, put on underwear and stumbled to the kitchen to my meter.

6:45 pm 71

Another Klondike bar, then made a toasted cheese on sourdough sandwich while watching 2 episodes of Undercover Boss. Before having the sandwich I shot up my before dinner dose of U-500. It's a lot smaller than the morning dose. It's supposed to carry me overnight.

7:40 pm 142.
A little high but well within range.

I'll take one more reading before bed.
Spook has been acting odd, meowing at me and making some noises I have not heard before. She has jumped onto my lap twice, once in the recliner and once in the chair by the tank.

Palm was in her hole all day, but about an hour ago (10 ish) she came out and squeezed onto the window sill. She is so small she fits on the sill. Spook does not, she uses the more comfortable platform.

She stayed about half an hour but I made the mistake of looking her in the eyes, and she snuck back into the hole. I'm pretty sure she'll come out again when I go to bed.

In aquarium news, the two missing angel fish were floaters this morning. :-(
I don't get it, the water has never been clearer and there are plenty of plants to shelter in. Could be too much food, but I don't think so.

No deliveries today, but I am wearing one of the new Hawaiian shirts. I ordered a size larger, which means my tummy fits fine but the top button is in Elvis country.

Changed the litterbox and put the used one in the trash.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
4:30 party at the clubhouse.
Slight chance of rain. Larger chance of fireworks. I'm tempted to go to Galleria Mall for their show.