July 6th, 2021


Briefly because of foo

2 am and through the night there was a lot of poo. I blame an old can of beans which I had for dinner last night. Ad maybe too much pineapple in the fruit bowl for lunch. Lots of imodium did not help much.

Things subsided while I watched the 6 am news (recorded) and later The Bachelorette.

Had Church's chicken delivered. The chicken is good but the biscuits and cole slaw are not. Mac & cheese was supposed to be dinner but more poo and burping and I lost my appetite. I dd have salad first, though.

Bubbled up diet ginger ale and diet cola and soda water. The first two did not help, the soda water did. Broke out the pink chewables.

10 pm or so, Palm (now named Jade on account of her eyes, the animal network made it official) came out of hiding, and after one false start found the food and water station. From the back she looks like Spook, who was on her porch view perch.

Watched 2 storm chaser streams who drove from Ohio to the FL gulf coast.

Jade is now on the window sill.

I drove to the mailbox where the postal idiot crammed in two packages - one for BD alcohol swabs, the other a bottle of drugs.

Time to take drugs, do one last Hgl reading,  and go to bed.

Plans for tomorrow depends on the poo situation. I need a pedicure and  my fingernails done.