July 10th, 2021


Old Man out in record high temps 117°

The plan for today was to enjoy the air conditioning at home, but I woke up with two nasty looking and itchy insect bites. I accidentally dropped and spilled my one whole bottle of campho-phenique down the sink.  So after breakfast I drove to CVS and picked up some Benadryl cream and spray, they did not have any c-p. Also got some SPF 100 sun screen.

Stopped at the mailbox, and shoved in there was a package with a shirt, and a package with ant traps.

The spray only helped for a few minutes. A cold pack from the freezer helped for as long as it stayed cold. Calamine lotion and Aloecane made some difference, but finally hydrocortizone cream seems to be the winner.

And then Lenscrafters called, my glasses were ready to pick up, so out again, walked through Macy's and enjoyed the eye candy. The guy who helped me had no idea how to read the prescriptions, but I figured it out. They got it right, the sunglasses had the distance numbers and the clear ones were for computer.

Used the sunglasses and they are pretty good. Polarized, brown tint. Focus was noticeably improved. Home, the computer glasses are not so good. The right eye is fine, the left is out of focus.

Not much in the way of streamers, FL fish guy was on for a little bit, one storm chaser was on his way somewhere. Vegas streamer was on a boat on Lake Mead for maybe half an hour.

Took a lie-down for an hour, LVFD scanner was wall to wall with a house fire, car fire, accidents, shortness of breath and a couple of heat-related rescues. Spook guarded me from under the new mirror frame.

Salad and meat patty with mac & cheese for dinner.

Watched a STEAM program recorded on PBS, grade school to middle school level but there was some new info about aerodynamics. Gold Rush mega-nostalgic look back on the season. 90-day one rerun and one teaser.

Jade has been out a bit, but she is scared of me and runs away when I try to approach her. She finally found the laundry room while Spook was using the litterbox, I hope she gets it.

Plans for tomorrow:
6 am maybe I'll be awake for Branson's launch
Lenscrafters, have them redo my left lens
Maybe spend some time in the mall
7 pm south bay theater online event
Haul boxes to the curb