July 12th, 2021


Lenscrafters at 10, mall opens at 11; new places for Jade; surprise thunderstorm

Woke up at 5:45 to see Branson's launch, but it was delayed till 7:30. Got showered and dressed and tried again. It was lame. He hired Colbert to do a comedy introduction, which was followed by a panel of two very attractive women - space suit researcher Kelly Girardi, and host Veronica McGowen, a structural design engineer plus Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. The broadcast was a huge FAIL - they missed the takeoff of the mother ship, there was no audio or video from the spacecraft for most of the flight and all but a few seconds of the video was horribly warped and artifacted. Most of the video shown was from the chase plane. The landing looked good until they zoomed out and showed the rocket had overshot the landing target by about half a mile.
Jade was on top of the washing machine this morning. I didn't know she could jump that high. I think she may have gotten trapped there when Spook used the litterbox. But as soon as I approached her, she jumped down and ran away.
Plan A was to bring the defective computer glasses to Lenscrafters when they opened at 10. So after breakfast I headed out to the mall, parked in front of the Red Robin entrance and walked inside. It was already 105°. Disoriented for two reasons - first is this entrance is to the second floor, I was expecting the first floor. Second is all the businesses were closed. Covid ops still in place, Sundays the mall opens at 11.

Which meant the escalators were not running, it was a steep climb down to the ground floor. It also meant no eye candy.

But Lenscrafters was open, and the same guy who gave me the glasses yesterday rushed to help. Turns out the way the nose clips were set, my eyes were looking through the bottom of the lenses, not the center. He adjusted that and it looks like that fixed it. Amazing.

And since nothing was open, I went home instead of touring the mall. Some other time.

Home, entering by the carport door which is by the laundry, and Jade was back on the washer, but bolted again as I came inside. She was back shortly though:

The computer glasses adjustment worked. I read news.

Fruit & peanut M&Ms, and a muffin. Lunch was lox and brie.

Watched Outdoor Nevada and then took a nap.

Text from J woke me up. We Skyped from 4-5:30.

Jade explored places around the livingroom

She was also under the circle to the right.

7 pm was a fund-raiser for San Jose Musical Theater of which I wasa founding member but quit when they failed to produce an actual musical in 3 years and their treasurer absconded with the funds. But they seem to be back, sort of, with new people, and the event was a series of soloist auditions for A Night At The Savoy - an imaginary production. My dear friend Danielle from Little Shop of Horrors was the only singer I knew in the show, $20 entry fee got me a vote for the winner. The first one up was horrible, a pretend opera star with a vibrato that shook the room, and a translucent red gown with no bra and very prominent nipples. There were only two men, one couldn't stay on key, partly because he did not have the range for that song. The other guy started well, but refused to let the song end, and the longer he sang the louder and more off the rails he got. Four of the other women did well enough to cast them in a show, though they all jazzed up the songs more than necessary. One very coiffed, overly made-up blonde woman tried and failed to be sexy, her song choice didn't lend to that. And one woman was in an ugly wig, she had a photo of a very young Frank Sinatra and a long stemmed rose on a small table beside her, and she did a simple magic trick toward the end of her number. She didn't sing as much as vocally wandered around lost. I do not believe the number she did was a Sinatra standard.

Long story longer, Danielle won. Yay. She gets $1,000. I don't know if she will be cast in any SJMT shows, because they haven't announced any shows.

FL fisherman was out way late, he had become beached on a sand bar and was still out there at midnight EDT and I watched on the big TV using Amazon Fire and the Twitch app. Made a dinner salad, and while I was eating that and a spaghetti & meatballs frozen meal, this happened:

I am thrilled because they don't fight, and they share the food.

FL fish guy finally called for a tow at 12:30 am, which arrived about an hour later.

That solved, I took some large boxes out to the curb for tomorrow morning's bulk collection.

Back inside, that's when I saw lightning out the front window, but thunder was coming from the carport side. I went out and took some video, but kept missing the branch lightning, so not worth sharing. Rain did hit the carport roof and a few drops hit my arms but it was just a trace. There was a lot of thunder and cloud to cloud lightning. Weather forecast for today was 10% chance of rain, so this was a surprise. It's still 95° and 20% humidity at 1 am...

Plans for tomorrow:
garbage bins to the curb & back
Call for a dental cleaning appoinment at the clinic which makes dentures
Enjoy the cats
Maybe play bingo
Maybe BASFA zoom meeting

Discovered a whole bottle of oral antihistamines. Slept a lot

3 am could not sleep, Hgl 343. Had some seltzer & watched TV for an hour.

Up at 6-ish, got dressed enough to get the garbage bins to the curb. Refilled 2 hummingbird feeders.

Hgl was 148 at 8:30. Banana and peanut M&Ms. 157 at 11:30

Watched some streams, but couldn't keep my eyes open.  antihistamines knocked me out. Back to bed.

Too knocked out to go to Bingo.

Hgl 72 at 7:30 pm. Ate a Klondike bar and a frozen meal.

Sometime around 2:30 am the cats tore around the bedroom, I think Spook was chasing Jade. It didn't last long.

Jade still runs away from me. But she is out and about a lot more. Ad also hiding a  lot.

BASFA zoom at 8.

11-ish, thunder and lightning but no rain.

Time for bed.

Hematology blood tests results showed nothing new, but eliminated a slew of cancer-related DNA mutations. My dreams of being a ninja turtle are shattered.

Plans for tomorrow:
10:30 endo appointment. i expect confusion.