July 13th, 2021


Out & About

Banana for breakfast, shot up my 165 units of U-500. 9:30 in the car for my 10:30 endo appointment, which took an hour to get to. Long long trip up Tropicana, not so log trip on Durango, then too short a trip on Sunset which landed me in the wrong medical center but GPS map showed me the right one and all was good. Pretty warm, 100+ by 9:30.

This time the doctor saw me in 20 minutes, she says the key to this new insulin working is to have my meals on time. Come back in a month.

No more appointments for 2 weeks, I need to call about dental cleaning. And to have my dentures looked at.

Delivered to the mailbox was a pair of jars of Whiska's treats, which both cats love. They eat it like it was kibble, neither one will eat from my hand.

Also in the mailbox was a UFO-themed phone cover. This one won't block the wireless charger signal like the last one did.

And later Amazon courier dropped a box off on the porch which had another cat grass unit and a pair of bright orange batteries for the Nikon and a dual charger. The charger works fine with the new batteries but cannot tell when brand X batteries are fully charged. They all work fine in the camera, though.

And finally, the mirrored prescription sunglasses from Zenni arrived.  Still waiting for $39 Glasses.

And en route is a package from Chewy with Jade's favorite canned food. She eats the Sheba stuff, but she devours the Friskies Indoor.

And speaking of Jade, after being silent, she has started what sounds like crying. And she has been all over the living room, meowing and exploring and playing with one of the toys on a stick which I have stuck in the sofa. Spook was also playing with it earlier. Right now Jade is lying on the carpet behind the TV/home theater, Spook is on her perch by the porch.

About an hour ago we had a thunder storm, some lightning but no rain. It rained enough last night to make the passenger windows on the car all spotted. There is so much dirt in the air here. I was tempted to get the car washed on the drive home but figured it might rain again tonight. But I did stop at Albertson's for bananas, cut fruit bowls**, muffins, ice cream, and peanut butter. No masks required anymore, not even for the employees.

The corn meal fermenting was a FAIL, it was all moldy and I had not mixed it well enough. Next time I will use the electric mixer, and add the water a little at a time. I still have enough corm meal for one more try.

Loaded the dishwasher, and did two loads of laundry, but waited till the temps got below 90 to run the dryer. Will dry the 2nd load in the morning.

Went online at the radiology place and requested the results of my ultrasound.

Lunch was a fruit bowl, dinner a salad and a couple of pieces of Church's fried chicken. My tummy tried to explode when I got halfway through the chocolate moose tracks ice cream. Kaopectate is my friend.
So are Saltines,

More thunder predicted for 1 am (it's almost midnight now) I think I'll stay up for it. Because no plans for tomorrow. 108° predicted.

**Smith's has the best fresh produce and Lean Cuisine, but Albertson's is better for everything else, especially baked goods, cut fruit and hard boiled eggs.