July 14th, 2021


On Hold Day

No plans for today, so I called Lowe's to get the dishwasher fixed, and after 25 minutes on hold  they transferred me the manufacturer, Samsung. Another 10 minutes on hold after a 7-level phone tree, and a woman who tried to convince me that it's normal to have the dishwasher insides coated with water after a heated dry cycle. Took a while to convince her that this is not normal, and she filed a repair ticket with United States Appliance. She gave me a date a week from today and said someone would call to confirm a time.

Got a call from the new clinic, they took down my info, and said I needed to call Humana to get a new card which had their clinic's name as my primary care. 35 minutes on hold with Humana, gave her all my info, and she said she had to bring in someone at a higher level to make the final change. 10 minutes before he got online, and his incompetent ass claimed Humana did not cover that clinic, the doctors I named did not show up. The clinic only accepts Humana, so I know that was BS. He said something about Nevada law, which was totally bogus.

Clinic called to ask if I'd contacted Humana, I told them Humana doesn't know about them, and she said just come in for my appointment next week and they will fill out a form and get it resolved.

Forgot to call the dentist.

Jade spent all day behind the little freezer, but finally came out when I walked over to the sofa to get a toy I'd seen her play with. She kept running away from me, so I stuck the toy back into the sofa pillows and went back to the computer. So of course she came out from behind the TV and played with it. Briefly. Then back behind the TV rolling around on the speaker wires. Grooming herself and yowling a little. (2 am she woke me up with her yowling, too). I'm guessing she either has not found the litterbox or she misses her babies. Or she may smell the stray cats under the house through the vents. Spook comes out into the livingroom from time to time, eats in the area between the livingroom and kitchen, and sometimes moves to the center of the livingroom and watches Jade eat.

Lots of Tivo today. Shark Week special had William Shatner diving with sharks. Superman & Lois pulled out all the family values heart strings to rescue Superman from his evil half-brother.

Read lots of news. Spent too much time on Twitter.

Dried 2 loads of laundry, ironed the 5 new Hawaiian shirts and hung up the others, and folded and put away undies. Spook helped by sitting on the shirts as I put them on hangers and stacked them on the bed.

Ordered some generic Flonase.

Delivered was a set of 4 insulated groc bags.

Lunch was a fruit bowl and a muffin, dinner = salad and frozen meal.

United Appliances called, they will send someone out tomorrow between noon and 4.  Yay!

Waiting for that will be my plan for tomorrow.