July 15th, 2021


On Hold again

The dishwasher tech showed up around 1, and the diagnosis is I bought the wrong model. Plastic tub doesn't dry well, there is almost no vent system, so return it and get something with a steel tub and a fan.

Called Lowe's, on hold for 45 minutes  and the woman who helped me was about 90% trained, she needed to do some sleuthing to figure out how to handle an exchange, and the end result was a ticket to the installation group, transferred there, another 10 minutes on hold, but that woman knew her stuff. Sort of. She will order a removal, but it's up to me to try to get that to happen the same time as the new machine installation.

So now I wait for the un-installers to call. I've placed the order for the replacement. In addition to the steel tub, the KitchenAide has the controls in front, not hidden on top like the Samsung and most of the other budget models.

Speaking of Samsung, they finally came to their senses and put a USB-C connection on the 2021 8" tablet. Ordered one from Best Buy, it should be here tomorrow. 

The only delivery today was Amazon's generic Flonase. Chewy did not deliver yesterday as scheduled. Apparently it left Texas this afternoon.

Still no $39 glasses.

Need to phone the screen door people - the door is built, they should have called already with an install date.

Forgot to call the dentist again.

In cat news, I shooed Jade out from behind the freezer, she ended up under the recliner until I sat on it. She's back behind the TV, which I'm fine with, there's about 3 feet of space deep and about 12 feet wide. I want to go pet her but she would just run and hide.

Earlier this afternoon she parked under the aquarium table, and Spook stared her down for a bit, but soon went back to her porch lookout perch where they could see each other.

The aquarium has lost the last small angelfish and the last betta. Maybe tomorrow I will make a run to the Trop store with a stop at the car wash. I am tempted to get ciclids, but this tank is too small unless all I have is a pair of ciclids and maybe a couple of bottom fish.

At about 6 pm I finished a container of chicken soup from the freezer, and somehow it knocked me out. Took a 2-hour nap. Maybe this all was because at 1:30 this morning I went to investigate cat howls and ended up with a glass of soda and an hour of TV.

Instead of dinner I ate the half a flat of lox which was left, and toasted 3 slices of sourdough rye bread with butter.

Watched a storm chaser and a Bakersfield ambulance chaser on Twitch.

Remembered to put cat food out on the porch after dark.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call a dentist
Maybe make a Goodwill run
Car wash