July 16th, 2021


Fishy day

Impulse struck again after breakfast. The car needed a wash - the whole passenger side was speckled with rain drops. The air is so dirty here and it is so hot that when rain drops hit the car they gather dust and evaporate. It was hard to see out the passenger side windows.  The car wash is across the street from Trop so I stopped in for 4 angel fish, 2 female and 1 male betta and an electric blue ram, which I'd seen on a web site as a good companion for the more aggressive fish.

Wore the mirrored polarized Z sunglasses, they worked well.

Used an insulated groc bag to get them home in >100° weather.

Called the dentist, have an appointment for 4 pm tomorrow.

Got a call from the urologist's NP's admin making sure my PCP knows about my red blood cell levels. I told her about the hematology work-up.

Screen door company called, made an appointment to have that installed next week.

Call from a Seattle area code from a recruiter for a contract agency I'd worked for before (but she did not know that because my phone number has changed since then). A perfect job for me, almost. Get trained to work part time from home  monitoring sports streams. Except for the possible shift work, it's exactly what I had hoped to do here. Interview on Wednesday (by phone). Not a lot of $$, maybe $100 a day, but it's what I've done before, just with different hardware, probably. Yay!

In the mailbox was a package with the 2 $39 glasses. No hint from USPS they were delivered. Also in the mail was the result of my leg ultrasound, my legs work fine. No clots, no circulation problems. Good to know.

Jade was crying again last night, as soon as I turned off the lights, and a few times around 1:30-2:30 AM. She stopped when I turned on a light. I went into the front room but could not find her. 

Web search says it's common with younger cats, could be some medical discomfort, but I don't think so since she is silent all day. This afternoon, though, when I took a nap she started in, and again I could not find her.

This evening I chased her out from under the recliner before I sat in it, and she is behind the home theater again. She just took a trip to the food and water, meowed at me and is now grooming herself.

I took one of Pumpkin's favorite toys out of the basket and set it next the the green thing on a stick in the sofa, and Spook came out to play with both toys for 10 minutes.

Jade is just lonely when the lights go out, I think. I can tell Google to keep one of the office lights on.

Watched Love Island, I forgot how truly annoying the narrator is. All the men are covered with tattoos, and they are a mess. I can understand a work of art, but these are mostly random, chaotic texts mixed with randomly placed drawings. And one of the women has a full arm of the same.

Las Vegas STEM was fast forward worthy. Well done for grade schoolers, a wee bit of new info for me.

The 6 am channel 3 local news is actually two half hour segments which mostly repeat. The 7 am channel 13 is a total repeat of the channel 3 half hour. Apparently NBC owns the CW here.

PTI was Tony-less again. Frank is okay but he generally agrees with Mike while Tony does not.

Saving the 90 Day teasers for later.

Streamed for an hour, had a chatter from the UK and one from Netherlands who is Assyrian.

Salad before streaming, Beef teriyaki frozen meal after. Pistachio almond ice cream house brand is meh.

Plans for tomorrow:
Encourage Jade to stay out from under things
Dentist at 4
Fish TV
Twitch streamers - it's a good weekend for storm chasers.