July 17th, 2021


Will I be royalty?

Boring day until my 4 pm dental cleaning. They took x-rays, first with a device which rotated around my whole head, then then with a portable gun pointed at a piece of film in my mouth. The cleaning was not the usual high speed toothpaste, it was just the pick. She said I floss well.

Dentist looked at my dentures and pronounced them okay. But I need my 3 crowns replaced. and maybe my lower partial denture, depending on whether it fits over the new crowns. They usually do not. The crowns will be $560 each, the denture $1200. And I paid $200 to go to another clinic to have my jaw scanned to see if I am a candidate for implants. I had this done 12 years ago, when implants were relatively new technology and they cost $50,000. They told me I didn't have enough bone left in my upper jaw and would need a graft, and it would take a year. But a lot of progress has been made, prices are more reasonable, it's worth checking out.  I'll do the scan Monday. And bring the results to my first crown appointment next Saturday (two crowns first, then on another day the third on the other side).
After I chased Jade out from under the recliner, she hid in her hidie hole all day. She finally came out around 10:30 and is now curled up in the corner behind the home theater. I changed the cartridge in the litterbox, and I know she had used it because she missed it by about 6 inches. Her younger fosterer had hinted about that. I have ordered a pair of cat beds for her, we'll see if she likes them - I do not like her cramped into corners or under furniture that I might sit on. 

Spook used all the cat beds as litterboxes a few years ago, I had to throw them out. For a while lately she slept in the one in the closet, but now she prefers hiding behind boxes or on a pile of clothes.

Chewy.com shipment of Jade's indoor canned food is still en route, 4 days late, Fedex claims - but I suspect it never left the store, because they are out of stock. Also out of stock at PetSmart.  
Watched two episodes of Outdoor Nevada. They like to recycle segments, but they always mix in some things I have not seen. Usually each episode visits 4 places.
90 Day had a rerun and a teaser, so I nuked those.

Love Island somehow got halfway through the season before Tivo let me know it was on CBS.
Delivered a day late was the new Samsung tablet. After transferring everything from the old tablet it still took hours to log into all the apps. My main reason for the new one is it has a USB-C charging connection, not the idiot USB-trapezoid one on all their other tablets. And it's the 2021 model not 2019. It's a wee bit bigger, 8.5" instead of 8. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Albertson's for fruit, salad greens and 2% milk. My tummy seems to object to whole milk all of a sudden.
Encourage Jade to stay out & about
Maybe do some reading.