July 18th, 2021


Glad I did the Goodwill/Groc run in the morning...

...because we had a world class monsoon in the afternoon. It started small, just a shower and some wind, but grew into a series of thunderstorms with massive rainfall, 60MPH gusts, and the thunder hits hard, then bounces between the hills north and south of me. Constant barrage of rain on the carport & porch roofs. Jade just stayed in her spot in the corner of the livingroom, but after Spook watched through the porch screen door she hid under the bed until well after the thunder was done.

This is only the 3rd time since I moved here March 1 2020 that rain has reached  the ground, and those times it was only 1/100th of an inch. This time it filled the culverts and my neighborhood probably got an inch.
After breakfast I rounded up three kitchen garbage bags' worth of cutoffs, shirts, towels and no longer used clothing from the bedroom closet floor, and put that along with the Epson printer into the car and drove to Goodwill. It took 10 minutes for someone to come out to get the stuff.

Surgical strike shopping on the way home at Albertson's. 2% milk, fruit bowls, muffins, shortbread cookies, Blue Bunny mini cones, Gatorade. For those last two, cleaners and stockers got in the way bigtime. Cleaner taunted me while wiping down the glass in front of the mini cones, on purpose took longer. Gatorade stocker with the Pepsi uniform blocked the aisle and then blocked the checkout lanes. He just didn't care that he was in the way.

Only one cashier on duty, it was a long wait. 4 is a crowd? Not anymore. This time almost everyone working or shopping  was masked.

USPS informed delivery said there was mail for me they did not have an image for. Hoping it was Jade's tags & bio, but it was two catalogs I did not need.

Finally delivered was the Chewy box, it had been in a hot Fedex truck all morning. Jade's canned food and the tuna puree tubes I'd bought for Maam but I know Jade likes them, if I can get close enough to her. Which lately I cannot.

Watched some shark week stuff on Tivo. Posted about my crowns on FB and got a lot of responses. Also posted a lot of monsoon videos. The storm felt a bit like Thailand, the humidity went way up, and temps stayed in the 90's.

Streamed for an hour, no chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
11-ish drive to the implant place and get my jaw scanned.
Finish watching 90 Day  
Do some reading
Maybe play the piano