July 19th, 2021


Humid but not wet

After breakfast, the adventure was a dental implant office in Henderson on Lake Mead Pkwy. Easy trip south on Boulder Hwy. Quaint office, build on landfill above 100 year flood level, looks like it has been there a long time.

Easy walk-in with about a 15-minute wait (2 patients ahead of me). Impressive little 360-degree scanner, very competent tech, very precise without being robotic. Two test shots then the real scan. Another 10 minutes for them to burn a CD. I was expecting paper.

Stopped at Duck Creek trail on the way home expecting to see flowing water from yesterday's downpour, but no, just high humidity and interesting clouds

Home, fruit bowl for lunch, watched FL fishing stream. Popped in the CD and with some trial and error got it to show me the images from the dental office. The dentist said I had plenty of bone for implants. But looking up the procedure and cost, I don't think I have the time or the bank account. Plan A is get the crowns done, if needed make a new lower partial, and keep my current upper.

Lots of antihistamine on my mosquito bites, knocked me out, took a nap from 4-5:30.

Jade had not come out for food at all last night or today. I tried to feed her a Churro tube but she was not interested. She fled from behind the TV to under the recliner's side table then back again. I put some of her indoor canned food in a bowl in front of her but she is ignoring it.

Salad for dinner, snacked on shortbread/chocolate dollop cookies and peanut M&Ms.

Watched the rest of 90 Day, and about half of Love Island. More tomorrow.

BASFA meeting was good.

Got confirmation of Wednesday's job interview and dishwasher delivery, and Thursday's screen door installation. Delivered was 30-gallon trash bags.

Plans for tomorrow:
6 am wake-up
8 am Nurse practitioner appt at new clinic