July 20th, 2021


Food Bonanza

Up at 1:30, low Hgl, Klondike bar and Love Island. Back to bed by 2.
Up at 5:30, was in the bathroom when the 6 o'clock alarm went off. Did my morning stuff, dressed, banana &  HB egg & soda water or maybe Gatorade.

7:30 outside, stray cat yelled for food, so I filled a bowl with caned paté. He let me pet him when he inspected it, then walked away. Probably wanted kibble.  

Drove to the new clinic, filled out the paperwork. Vitals at 8:15, Nurse Practitioner turned out to be a petite woman with black hair and steel grey eyes (like my cousin and great-grandpa). They only gave her 15 minutes for what should have been a 1-hour new patient session. She's going to get me a referral to a closer urologist, and talk with my cardiologist about upgrading my afib meds.

After she left, a tech did a foot/leg circulation/nerve test and an admin gave me a folder full of goodies from Humana which the previous clinic should have. The one which caught my eye said prepared frozen meals were available for diabetes ad heart patients.

Home, rescued the cat food from the pigeons and hosed down the spatter.

Also in the folder was a multi-page lab request to be done fasting a week before my next appointment in 3 months.

The meals flyer said to call the Humana generic number on my card, and they transferred me to the company which does the food. Turns out  I am entitled to three deliveries of 20 meals each, every 2 weeks, starting Thursday. UPS delivers in cold packs. They can refrigerate for 2 weeks, or freeze, but thaw before microwaving. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. I told him I was okay with the whole menu except the Mexican style dish.
Delivered was a pair of cat/dog beds, which I placed strategically behind the home theater, and Jade strategically ran away to hide under a cat stand in the livingroom, then hid behind one of the beds, then between the two. While she was under the stand, Spook paid her a visit, but before I could take a video Spook walked away. She thinks I disapprove. Jade did make a rude noise at her earlier when she got close.  

Jade used the litterbox again - missed it by a foot.
On Tivo: 90 Day Pillow Talk. I love this show where 90 Day alumni couples watch the show and comment.
The Bachelorette sent two guys home (good moves) but gave her final rose to the wrong guy. The one she sent home was a better choice, and he came back the next morning to re-do the tearful parting into something better.

It's pretty clear she will choose the cave man who was shoved into the mix by the producers late in the game. Hometown visits start next week. Not sure if they will visit home towns or if they will bring the families to the House.

Love Island  continues to be all talk,and way too many tattoos.

Hot Bench threw out a case brought by a paranoid, annoying old woman.

Plans for tomorrow:
11:20 job interview (phone)
3-6 pm window for dishwasher swap