July 21st, 2021


The good and the ugly

Phone interview with two guys doing remote streaming jobs in Las Vegas, for a Seattle company. It went well, we speak the same language and the job has elements of many of my previous ones.

Follow-up phone call from the recruiter, who wants to do a zoom meeting tomorrow. I looked her up on LinkedIn, she is a total newbie, but her energy is contagious. Her plans are to work for a winery - she interned at one in Eastern WA. I happen to have a friend with a PhD in that, will see if I can connect them. I haven't communicated with him in years, but we're still friends. He hasn't been on FB since 2016 but his LinkedIn is current. But his wife is on FB, and she says their 5 kids now all have college degrees, two have masters'.

3 pm, on time, dishwasher installer arrives, sans dishwasher. His work order said I already had it, but I don't. And it was not available for pickup at the store. He called the store and went there, I expected him back in an hour to finish the job but he didn't return. Didn't call either. Lowe's should have called but did not. I'll call them in the morning.

Watched some streams, and on Tivo there was the 6 am news, Love Island, PTI. 

Since the kitchen is reconfigured for the dishwasher thing, I sent out to Red Lobster for dinner.

Streamed for almost an hour, no chatters.

Glad to see the Bucks win the championship. Tampa Bay Bucks won the Superb Owl, so there is some onomatopoeic justice there.

Seattle Kraken is a horrible name for a team, and their symbol is ugly. The Totems left town with the end of the world's fair. 1964 I think. There are no giant squid in Puget Sound, they need to rename the team and  have whomever designed the seahawks logo have a try at the hockey team's.

Installed the Bose soundbar and it is not a winner. Made for TV, the PC doesn't drive it loud enough. I'll see about returning it and buying one made for PCs.

After I chased Jade out from behind the freezer she parked in the kitchen, and Spook came over to say hi. Jade made horrible noises, a lot like Maam. I am not amused. Spook just walked away, though.
Plans for tomorrow:
Call Lowe's about the dishwasher
11 am Zoom with recruiter
20 meals are coming via UPS
Screen door installation