July 22nd, 2021


Frustrating Day with thunder, rain & 60MPH winds

The usual breakfast maybe for the last time in a while**.
eBay, asked for an RMA for the Bose soundbar. It's meant for a TV/home theater setup with a higher digital input level. Have to crank up the PC too much.
Did some shopping, and it seems all the good soundbars are being pitched for TVs. But there are book end speakers which take optical in, I found a pair on BestBuy but Amazon had the ones I wanted (without a subwoofer or subwoofer output) for $20 less. Funny, all the other models were the same price both places. I don't like that they need speaker wire to connect the two speakers. Due here tomorrow. Will pack up the Bose soundbar and put the Brand X one on the Goodwill pile.
Reply from long lost friend on FB to my friend request. Seems she & her husband were just talking about me. Good to see them both doing well.

Dishwasher swap is still snafu-ed. Lowe's does callbacks because hold times are 45 minutes. They called back in half an hour, took her a while to understand the issue, but she figured it out, sort of.++

11 am, recruiter tried to host a Microsoft Teams meeting with me, but her mic wasn't working. She rescheduled for 12:15, same problem. So I had her phone me, and we did video on Teams and audio on cell phones. I thanked her for inspiring me to contact long lost friend. As usual I talked too much.

++Got a call from an appliance installer asking what the cross street was for my place. There isn't one, it's a mobile home park. Oh, Lowe's isn't licensed for mobile homes. BS, they installed the dishwasher you're coming to swap out. She did not Get It that just because her company isn't licensed other companies might be. There are too many mobile homes in Las Vegas for there to not be. I told her not to come.+++

Opened the Amazon box from yesterday, and installed the Waterpick brand shower head. Turns out part of the issue with the old one was a clogged aerator screen. But it also does not have the massage and high pressure settings. The only hard part was removing the very old teflon tape, which the new unit doesn't need.

Around 2 pm, a few drops of rain and a loud thunder crash escalated to a heavy downpour with 60MPH winds for half an hour. Phone call from the screen door people that they are telling their installer to shelter in place, the roads are a mess. He was due here between 1 and 3. Rescheduled for tomorrow, 11 am.  No rain expected tomorrow and unexpected monsoons usually show up in the afternoon.

+++call from Lowe's at 4:55. customer service for installations close at 5, so he will straighten out my missing dishwasher problem in the morning. Turns out the system sent the one I ordered to the wrong store, which is why the original installer never came back. And yes, they also assigned the wrong company to install it the second third time.

Watched a show about Dillinger's lost fortune, which an old FBI agent thinks he has a lead on (he doesn't). And Superman & Lois once again opted for the scary ending, which was pulled right out of some fantasy writer's butt. The diff between Sci-fi and fantasy is Sci-fi sticks to plausible variations on known science, fantasy makes their own rules, and changes them on impulse.

**UPS finally delivered the Mom's Meals package a little after 7 pm. He did not ring the bell so it sat on the porch in 101° heat for a while. I brought it inside just before I started streaming at 7:30. 8:45 I hauled it into the kitchen and unpacked 20 meals, plus two small oranges, several apple sauce cups and a few jello cups. Plus a hamburge bun, a hot dog bun and two slices of whole wheat bread. And two sticks of string cheese. With some Pythagorean prowess, I managed to get it all in the fridge with breakfasts most easily accessible. I think. The cold packs were actually ice packs not the usual fridge temp gels.

But they are all microwave meals and the microwave cart is on the livingroom rug. When I start the new breakfasts depends on when the dishwasher gets here.

In the mailbox was a write-up from the annual inspection. It was very reasonable, but I need to find someone to touch up the paint that was damaged when the satellite dish was ripped out.

Recruiter called, follow-up interview on Wednesday morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try out the new shower
Screen door installation
Find a painter
Uninstall the soundbar
Install the bookend speakers