July 28th, 2021


Busy day. Interview, sunburn treatment, new microwave finally delivered

Ensure for breakfast. And lime jello. Trying to be nice to my crown caps. Chilled Ensure tastes fine.

Checked the news then fired up Zoom and joined a job interview at noon. Only 2 people, I was expecting 4. The questions were mostly soft, even the techie questions. Nice people, they didn't have answers to whether it will stay 100% remote because they were just sold to Turner, and are tied to Turner's covid protocols. They expect to have an update Friday.

Next trip was to dermatology, waited 10 minutes to get another dose of liquid N spray.

In the parking lot tried to return a call to my new PCP clinic but 15 minutes on hold and the call went nowhere. I heard two transfers to other numbers. 

Home, nothing in the mailbox, nothing delivered. Raccoon had torn open the access panel again. Ordered a bigger stronger one.

Called back the recruiter, who had forgotten I told her I would be at the doctor, but her voicemail was full. Sent email.

Got a call from the dishwasher installers, they will do the deed Monday noon-3 window

Replacement microwave arrived on the porch, no notice, no door bell. Again in a HUGE box, 2x as big as the microwave shipping box. There was no need for the big box, the smaller box was fine for shipping, the microwave was in a box inside that one. This time the Styrofoam was mostly intact, and it was the right model. Took about a minute to get it online and another 5 to get Alexa to see it. It was actually easier to add to Google Home.

Watched PTI and Catfish.  None of the Olympics was anything I wanted to watch. Way too many swimming events.

Dinner was a salad (the new microwave overcooked the frozen avocado chunks) and a Salisbury steak on rice with gravy with a side of mixed veggies. Excellent for a free meal. Will have some chip mint ice cream or Columbian coffee ice cream later.

Streamed for 50 minutes, no participants.

Jade comes out to be petted, but can't figure out sometimes if she's supposed to be afraid of me. But she's out and about a lot more. Progress. I emailed the adoption agency with a update, hoping it would remind them to send her tags & microchip info. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Hematologist at 10 am (leave at 9:15)
Find a manicure on the way back
Bring the mislabeled microwave to UPS to ship back
Try to call PCP again