July 30th, 2021


Blood, Sweat and fingernails

Ensure for breakfast again. Back to using Lantus insulin, the U-500 is too unpredictable. Just enough time to read email, then off to the hematologist. Left at 9:15 for a 10 am appointment, got there at 9:30, despite construction and hitting all the red lights. Probably because I used a map instead of relying on the GPS.

Did not get seen till 10:30, nurse said I would be seen by the doc's student, but I was seen by doc, with his student looking on and showing me where to wait for another blood sample. Doc said he has ruled out any kind of cancer, and thinks maybe I'm not getting enough O2 in my sleep. Not surprising since I'm up every 2 hours to pee. I never get a full night's REM. The blood sample was because he had two more tests he wanted to run. He will contact me later with the test results, and maybe to get a heart rate/O2 finger monitor with a data recorder to wear overnight because a sleep study is a PIA. Return visit in a month.

Home, not planning on going out again. My new PCP clinic called and I was able to talk with them finally. They needed me to talk to Humana to retro my records to show I made the switch when I made it, not next week. Los of time on the phone with Humana, they understood the problem was caused by their incompetent staffer, but needed to send some email to fix it. To be continued. It still shows pending online.

Chomped on watermelon chunks while on hold.

Too many trips to the loo. Each trip took me past the boxed up microwave so finally I loaded it on a dolly, wheeled it down the ramp and to the car. As I was about to lift it, the phone rang. It was the recruiter telling me I got the job! The company is busy with Olympics, but will probably bring me in for training around mid-August. It sounds like going to the Trek con will be possible.

Returned the "wrong" microwave to UPS. Sweating a lot, it's 105° outside and I just hauled a heavy box. Back to the car, put the dolly in the back, thought about going home but turned around and went to Paris Nails for a manicure. They have recovered from the pandemic, no more substitute workers. But I got a man anyway. He did a good job. Inexpensive too. No aircon but they had small fans pointed at each customer. I stopped sweating fairly quickly.

Home, watched some storm chaser streams, PTI, Love Island, fast forwarded the Olympics. There may have been 90 Day, but I'm not sure if that was on Tivo or Twitter.

Streamed for an hour, several chatters.

Watching Expedition Unknown over a dinner of salad and chicken & waffles, Jade started answering the cries of glee from the TV set, and actually came out to be petted and let me lead her to the food. She gulped another tuna puree tube when I squeezed it out onto a paper plate. She's very vocal at times. https://www.facebook.com/how3ird/videos/989971805099969

When I pet her she raises her butt way up. But she prefers being petted on the head and sides.

This is huge. She still likes her safe spots, but now she will come out if her head is visible and she sees my hand. And I'm learning her language. Merp.

When I loosen my suspenders my cutoffs fall down. I've lost 2" of waist. Ordered 4 pair of one size smaller.

Been watching Bakersfield ambulance chaser streams. There are 3 of them tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Move stuff off the washer (most of what was under the sink is there)
Do a couple of loads of laundry. Or three.
Watch some Olympics
Install the new heavy duty access panel if it arrives in time
Try to get to know Jade some more.
Pre-made meals all day
Call Endo and let her know U-150 is $3700, back to lantus & humalog.

Very quiet Friday before the coronation

Stayed in bed till almost 11, brunch was a cheese omelet and pieces of whole wheat toast plus a coupe of small sausages, courtesy of Mom's Meals.

Had time to read all the news and watch a lot of Olympics. And fast forward past a lot more.

Streamers were mostly socializing, not doing their usual bits.

PTI was good with Tony & Mike both there.

Two episodes of Hot Bench had 3 cases, all of them involving uninsured and unlicensed drivers making up stuff. The judges are seriously pissed about unlicensed drivers and uninsured vehicles. In one case the defendant had no clue about rules of the road or anything else. In another a woman was suing her ex boyfriend for totaling her pickup truck. The truck was not insured and the ex wasn't licensed.

Lots of time on Twitter because I was bored.

Did three loads of laundry and put away 2. Spook helped.

Jade now comes out of hiding if she's awake and sees my hand waving at her. She likes being petted but is afraid of the giant attached to the hand. She loves his toes, though. I thought she would let me pick her up but now I have a hole in my hand. Ouch. She will follow my hand to the food bowls but not across the kitchen opening to the water fountain. I think she drinks from what's in the kitchen sink. Yuk. But the fountain seriously needs a cleaning. And new filters. okay, filters on order now.

Called Humana, the new insulin only costs $64 not $3700.

Delivered to the back door without ringing the bell: two pairs of jeans shorts half out of a Walmart shopping bag, and then later a box with a dozen red dry erase markers. I use red on the whiteboard to list what I have on order. That's down the right side, on the left side are the days of the week in black and any events/appointments under each day in purple. Those colors may vary. But not the red. 

Dinner was a salad followed by another Mom's Meal, chicken teriyaki. Delish. Remembered to defrost the frozen avocado chunks. Alexa can't connect to the new microwave but Google can, if I use the right jargon.

Streamed for half an hour, no chatters so I bailed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Noon dentist appointment for the 3rd crown (they called and asked if I could come in at 7. No. How about half an hour before 12:30? OK.)
Recover from that
Hang up the shirts. Maybe iron the Hawaiian ones
More Jade time
More Spook time
More Olympics
More Tylenol