July 31st, 2021


Like pulling teeth, the sequel

1 am woke up and stumbled to the kitchen where I keep the blood glucose meter. Maybe I should move that to the master bathroom? Or keep a duplicate there? Hmm. Reading was way low, so I poured a glass of apple juice and heated up a banana nut muffin, turned on the TV/Tivo and played some Love Island  until I couldn't stand it anymore. Crashed hard in bed, did not wake up again till the 8 am alarm.

There was much GI backlash, took lots of Kaopectate and Imodium. Spent way too much time on the throne.

While brushing my teeth a chip broke off the temporary crown cap, so instead of wearing my partial I went to the laundry room where the ziploc bags are stored and got one to put the partial in. And was startled by what sounded like a small explosion as Jade launched herself from behind the boxes on top of the washer, went airborne for a few feet and in a couple of seconds was in the office behind the freezer.

Okay, so now I don't have to worry that she can't get to the water fountain, or the litterbox. And I'm guessing she had some face time with Spook, because Spook was hiding under my bed and stayed there all day.

Finished brushing my teeth, took a shower, got dressed and my usual routine in the kitchen, except breakfast was a bottle of Ensure. And some saltines. And there was a lot of travel time between the computer and the bathroom.

The GI stuff died down in time for me to get into the car at 11:30 and head for my noon dental appointment. The remote climate control widget came in handy as it was 100F in the car. I was 10 minutes early, but tripped on the curb in front of the next office over and crushed a hedge. Had to rotate my body to get my feet where I could push myself back upright. Glad no one saw that. The hedge will never be the same.

The usual 10 minute wait, after the tech took an impression the dentist came in and started right in drilling. No Novocaine. I asked him about that and he said this crown was over a root canal, so no nerve and nothing to cause pain. There was a split second of pain a couple of times from the tooth next to it, but nothing to sue him over. But all through the procedure, in my head I was saying "This afternoon the part of the dentist will be played by Sir Laurence Olivier".  Look up the movie Marathon Man if you don't get the reference. It was one of the movies we used at Microsoft as a quality reference (the audio and video in it are superb).

The drilling seemed to go on forever. The dentist did not keep me posted on where in the process we were, so it seemed longer than it was. Finally the tech took over, did some x-rays, fitted the cap, or tried to. She called in a more experienced tech who got it done. And between them made sure my partial fit.

Last time I paid for one crown, today was the second and when they bring me back for the final permanent caps I'll pay today's bill, and we'll decide if I need to sped $1200 more for a better fitting partial. The dentist thinks we'll need to, the techs don't.

Stopped at the mailbox on the way home, an ad for a grocery store credit card and two items from Humana. One was for online classes I am not interested in and the other was a useful set of pages on good bedtime snacks. Two major changes for me: fruit smoothies and frozen yogurt. Apparently yogurt is better than ice cream for that.

So impulsively I went to Smith's supermarket page and had more watermelon, strawberries and frozen yogurt delivered. I should have added more Jell-O but I have enough for now. And I have ripe bananas from the last delivery, or maybe it was a shopping trip.

Before and after the dentist I watched some storm chasers and the FL fisherman, who took two charters out today.

Olympics: women's rugby was too brutal to watch. Imagine two groups of homicidal women who believe their men have cheated on them with the floozies on the other team, and they were denied firearms because of their previous domestic violence records. It was that bad.
Men's basketball USA proved to be better than the Czechs in the 4th quarter. It was pretty close until then.
Women's diving was individual and on lower springboards this time.  I thought the USA rookie won bronze, but the online info says that was the semifinals
BMX was meh - not races this time, just individual performances on an area which is more boring than our local skate parks. Tokyo FAIL.
Thankfully they did not cover golf very much (I guess that's on the Golf Channel)

Spook finally came out of hiding, and after food & water she jumped onto her porch platform. Jade finally came out to be petted but she can't seem to decide if I'm a threat. She loves her head and body petted but bolts if I move my hand the wrong way.

Watched a fascinating episode of Outdoor Nevada which covered the atomic testing museum, the actual test site and the Atomic Bar which has a rooftop view of the site from 50 miles away. I've passed the museum a number of times, back when I was house hunting, but it was closed for the pandemic. Now open daily except Wednesdays: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, $18 for NV residents, and seniors. $22 for adult tourists. It's on Flamingo Rd maybe a mile before the strip, by UNLV. About 20 minutes' drive.

Plans for tomorrow:
Skype with J