August 1st, 2021


Short because nothing happened

Tried SlimFast for breakfast but it tastes like chalk so now it's in the trash bin. Wanted to pour them out and recycle the botles but they seal each bottle, making that too big a PIA.  Had an Ensure instead.

Between yesterday's Smith's delivery and today's from Albertson's I have enough soft fruit and frozen yogurt to start my liquid diet - after the dishwasher is installed tomorrow because the blender needs a serious wash & sanitize. Also have a lot of Jell-O cups. And rice pudding cups.

The sink is full of dishes because the new dishwasher delivery was snafued by Lowe's for more than a week.

Laid out the shirts from the dryer in the morning and hung them up this afternoon.

Delivered was a pair of tray tables, but they are going back because "easy assembly" was a lie. Ordered a pair of pre-assembled ones.

FL fisherman streamed a lot, so did the main storm chaser (but his signal was mostly hosed).

Skyped with J.

The cats fought a little at 4 am, Jade knocked some things off the counter so I pulled the little freezer out to retrieve the things and then pushed it back flush against the molding. No more space for Jade behind the freezer but still plenty (for tiny her) between the bar wall and the freezer. She allowed me to coax her out a couple of times. She makes little goat-like noises as I pet her and she rubs against my leg.  Spook hid under the bed all morning again.

Watched some Olympics. The Chinese women divers are as good individually as they are synchronized. They are far from perfect, but better than everyone else. There was a touching moment when two high jumpers agreed to share the gold medal.

There was supposed to be horses but I didn't see any.

On FB I have been hiding all the memes which show hundreds or thousands of responses.

Coined a phrase: The Bidenpartisan Infrastructure Deal

Watched  an Outdoor Nevada episode on some things to do in LV, including goat yoga and an archery range in the county shooting range. I used to be great at archery, but I'm left handed, not sure how I will do with my injured left eye.

Free meals for lunch (BBQ pork slabs, side of mixed veggies) and dinner (chicken in BBQ sauce over diced potatoes, side of green beans)

Finally got Alexa and Google talking to the microwave. Very handy for cook times not in exact minutes. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Garbage --> bins --> curb
Call Mom's Meals and postpone my next 2 deliveries until my dental work is done. Best case 1 month, worst case 2.
Prep the kitchen and livingroom for dishwasher swap
Run a load in the dishwasher
Put stuff back under the kitchen sink where it belongs
More Jade time
90 Day Fiance