August 5th, 2021


400 meter feline dash

While I was asleep there was some brisk cat activity, evidence in the morning was some printing paper packets on the floor near the  printer stand, the hummingbird feeder cam on the printer stand was pointed elsewhere, and in the kitchen several bottles of booze against the bar ledge were pushed aside or tipped over. Nothing was spilled.

And Jade was on the counter top, until she saw me and jumped down beside the office freezer. 

Spook tries to say hi, but gets growled at. Half the time Jade will not come out to be petted. When she does she's skittish.
The Texas sage outside the window is in bloom. Weird because no rain for a week. 110F temps as well.

There are chores I want to do outside but it's too hot.

In the mail storage today was a Humana Hgl meter, which I need to pair with the software and keep in the bathroom so I don't have to walk clear to the other side of the building when I wake up feeling low.

Two big boxes dropped off by Fedex from NorthShore.

I forgot to mention yesterday that there was a result from the hematologist's "just one more" blood test, and I think it solves the mystery of the high red blood cell count. It was a test for how severe my CHF is, and the answer is "very". But I already knew that. It may be time to get back on that powerful diuretic. I'm supposed to see him on the 19th, but work may get in the way.

Olympics - watched karate, wrestling, boxing and FFed past diving and what they are calling canoe races but those are kayaks.

Love Island's most rejected woman gets rejected again. It's her own fault for still being in love with a guy who was not interested in her whom she helped vote off the island.

Expedition Unknown makes another run at the DB Cooper mystery. They make two significant discoveries, and there's a confession by someone which checks all the boxes, but the FBI wants the case to stay cold.

PTI once again only had one of the regular hosts. That's 4 for 4 this week and I don't like it.

Banana and HB egg for breakfast, watermelon for lunch, salad and a cheeseburger with diced carrots on the side from the free meals stack. And frozen yogurt. Snacked during the day on lime Jell-O, rice pudding and slices of angel's food cake loaf.

Plans for tomorrow:
More of the same