August 6th, 2021


Long drive for nothing

Scrambled eggs & cheese with cinnamon oatmeal for one of the last packaged breakfasts. The plan to do smoothies turns out to be premature, the crown caps are in no danger.

Stripped the bed and washed the linens because calamine lotion & insect bites. Spook helped make the bed by sitting on the fitted sheet as I was trying to fit it. I finally gave up, sat next t her and petted her until she got bored and jumped off the bed. She is about 3/4 back to her old fluffy self.  And is feeling attention deprived on account of Jade.

Jade has been climbing into the kitchen sink for water and whatever is in the soaking cat food bowl. When I start to get up from the computer she makes cute noises and rubs against my legs and wants to be petted. I got out the microchip reader and found her chip number. It is registered to the same place Spook's is. But they don't show the owner or any info on the pet.

Used Humana's web chat feature to try to get the bluetooth enabled version of the Hgl meter they sent.
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Meanwhile, since this will take 2-3 weeks, I ordered test strips and lancets from Amazon. I dug out my One Touch meters, re-installed the app and paired them. One needed a new battery (which I had).

Call from the new PCP's office asking if I was able to get Humana to make my PCP assignment retroactive to before my appointment. No, Humana has not gotten back to me on that.

Watched some Olympic wrestling, karate and boxing. The women's team artistic gymnastics floor competition was as much about the costumes as the routines. Stunning. And like synchronized events, the women on each team were cookie cutters of each other. The ROC team had spectacular gold form fitted outfits.

Also watched "live" the prime time replay of the last 5 minutes of the men's gold medal basketball game. Very sloppy. France kept coming back from huge deficits, but USA held on in the end.

Married At First Sight continues to be mildly interesting. I give 2 out of 5 couples a thumbs up.

PTI was Fill-in Frank again so I nuked it.

Love Island got some badly needed new men. Olivia, the well-endowed green eyed redhead seems to have finally found her match. I think she's the tallest woman, and definitely the widest. She isn't fat, she just stands out next to the room full of tiny Barbies. There was a sad surprise - the one totally committed couple left the island because his sister passed away, and his island girlfriend wanted to be with him and support him. Once in a while there is love on love island. There is only one more committed couple, but she doesn't think it can last IRL.

Lunch was watermelon, Dinner: salad and grilled chicken breast with mushroom gravy and green beans. Black cherry chip frozen yogurt.

Captured on camera: raccoon ripped open the access panel and went under the house. Later a cat went in and out. I should call Animal Control.

Trek con sent a note that Uhuhru is not coming. That's one photo op I paid for that I won't be getting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the weather.