August 7th, 2021


Smoke alert

Wanted to take the camera out, and also do some work outside but the air is all hazy, so instead I turned on the air purifier that I paid too much for when I first moved to this dusty town, used a lot of eye drops and took a long nap at about 3:30.

Lots of typos today. Maybe time to buy a higher end keyboard. Razer makes some but the one I like best is wired. Maybe that's a good thing.

Breakfast - free one, biscuit in sausage gravy. Lox for lunch. Salad and free pasta veggie meal with diced apple cinnamon dessert. Frozen yogurt.

Got out the phone holder and videoed a petting session with Jade. Trying to teach her not to run when I come up to her on the kitchen counter. Some progress made. Meanwhile Spook has gotten in her face a couple of times, but I was in the next room and didn't see if they actually fought or just made a lot of noise.

90 Day Fiance teaser, two marriages on the rocks, one just got stronger when husband stood up to his crazy momma and crazier sister.

Love Island  finally sent home the very popular - as a friend - woman who could not get any of her men to commit. She played the game of coming back from the 2nd villa with a new guy to get her latest guy jealous, and it backfired.

Olympics: way too much team artistic gymnastics. Japanese team went all WTF using Hit the Road, Jack as their music. The Israeli team played something Arabic. Russia had a beautiful version of Borodin's Polovetsian Dances (i.e. Stranger in Paradise). China's and Belorussia did their routines to noise. The recording ended before the final results. :-(

What was billed as women's handball was actually men's water polo. :-(

Not interested in marathons, already saw the gold medal men's basketball. USA lost to Japan in baseball finals. irony is one of the USA team had been on a little league team which beat Japan in the world finals. And he had played on the Yankees with some of the Japanese team members.

Refilled a lot of SodaStream bottles, figured I needed to replace one and add 2 more and they had a 3 for the price of 2 on sale from a failed marketing program.

Plans for tomorrow:
lots of boxes to leave at the curb for Monday morning pickup
Mostly stay inside (more haze warnings)
Monday I need to go shoppng