August 10th, 2021


Public post - Olympic closing ceremonies, garbage day, sleeping in, Monday

1 am for TMI reasons was watching the Olympics closing ceremony on Tivo. Had to FF through about an hour and a half of repeat stuff and ads to get to the ceremony. As usual they were heavy on the USA team and shorted coverage of every other country except Japan (for beating the USA baseball team). But after all the athletes were in the stadium they did a good job of coverage except for commercial breaks, which the sponsors should have paid enough to forgo.

The special effects were spectacular. The choreography and choice of entertainment was a WTF clusterfork. Jugglers, trick bicyclers, dancers without a plan. And it kept going and going.

Finally the Olympic flag was lowered and the fat lady sang.

Except it was a large androgynous man singing soprano like an opera star. I could not tell what language he was singing, his enunciation sucked. But his voice was amazing, and his projection even better. His outfit was something out of a wicked witch story.

Tomotaka Okamoto

But then the ceremony did the Eveready Bunny thing and kept going and going and going.

Kudos to the many volunteers who formed a human cordon around the outside of the athletes, lighting up the place with their joy and energy. 

The IOC chairman gave a brief but inspiring speech, and then we were transported to Paris, where it was daytime, for about a half hour of intro to the 2024 summer games. Most of which will be held in view of the famous landmarks. Almost made me want to go.
Jade now comes down from her perch on the kitchen counter when I get up from the computer and meows at me for petting and an escort to the food bowls. Spook sometimes watches, either from across the livingroom or near the food bowls. Jade retreats when that happens. She knows she is safe up on the counter. Sometimes her tail flips the office light switch off. I should tape it up.

I got to bed around 3:30. Wanted to sleep in but got up at 7 to take out the garbage & recycleds and wheel the bins to the curb. The huge pile of big boxes I'd hauled to the curb Sunday night was still there. It got collected around 8.

Turned off the lights and went back to sleep.

10:30 the phone rang it was my recruiter. Ignored it. I knew what she had to say and she will call back.

11:00 she called back, and asked why I emailed that I was frustrated with the contract agency. Simple, I had received three reminders to complete the on-boarding process even though the agency had not provided all the documents. I knew the docs would be delayed, why didn't their system know that? Artificial ignorance. She mentioned that they will be sending me some equipment. Hmmm.

Got up around noon, breakfast for lunch. Email from the O2 meter support people showed how to fix the non-connect issue and I was able to download from the meter to the PC. Need to wear the thing overnight to get enough data to be worthwhile.

Needed some produce and frozen meals, so went to the big Albertson's on Nellis. Also real (mint) Kaopectate because the generic has no flavor. Brought two cold packs and put one each in an insulated bag. So when I got home I could wait before putting things away, and have a cold drink.

Delivered while I was out was a cold pack with the high test insulin, but that will stay in the fridge because I'm getting much better stable numbers with the original stuff. Also delivered was test strips and lancets for the old meters, ordered from Amazon. And a call from the new clinic saying my new referrals were being processed, and they would let the PCP know about the form for Humana for the old test strips.

Took the screwdriver outside and the new access panel, but it is way too big, so it went into the trash (which had not been picked up yet). I was able to screw in the existing one, but I really need to do a more permanent fix.

No streamers worth watching, except a Vegas slot machine gambler. When the covid cases go back down I want to try that at one of the nicer casinos.

On Tivo, PTI had both hosts, yay. 90 Day Fiance  was the full episodes, and all of the couples dug deeper holes. Two split up, divorces and loss of visas look likely. Maybe a third, except the guy's mom may convince him that his strip club days are over. And maybe he needs his dad to get him a shore job while his baby daughter is growing up. The family with the real estate business is falling apart, and Moldovan husband needs serious therapy. Samoa man thinks they would do better moving to Samoa. His half-Samoan half-American wife may say okay to a visit. I'm sure the producers would like that. 

Love Island  voted the wrong couple off the island, but flip a coin. There were two who deserved to go.

May not watch the Bachelorette finale, Twitter spoiled it by posting the winner, and he was a plant by the producers whom I think they found in a cave in Spain or France because he has strong Neanderthal traits.

BASFA zoom was long, almost 2 hours. Rumor of the week was "it seems insincere for Suicide Squad to have a sequel".

Salad then Spaghetti & meatballs Lean Cuisine, a mint frozen yogurt Popsicle and later fudge frozen yogurt bedtime snack.

Plans for tomorrow:
download a night's O2 meter readings to the PC
Maybe make a mailbox run
There are still some things on Tivo