August 11th, 2021


A good day to still be retired

Got a call from recruiter asking me to send her a copy of the certificate of completion for the privacy/security training. I took that a couple of days ago and figured it would automatically land in her files, but it doesn't. FAIL. So as soon as I was out of bed and dressed I did that. And all it was is a plain text page with my name and "has completed blah blah". I could have made it myself. With crayons.

Tried calling hematologist but got xferred twice then to a message taker. The admin nurse called back a couple of hours later. I canceled the appointment but left some questions for the doctor and maybe we can do the appointment over the phone some other day than my work training day.

Deliveries galore all to the porch, yay. Lancer for the bathroom Hgl meter, with a box of lancets. Razer mouse and keyboard which took a lot of setting up. They lied about the mouse being truly wireless, it needed a USB port for their proprietary wireless piece. And a USB charger. They expected the latter to use a USB port on the PC but I don't have one to spare. I have plenty of chargers but not plenty of AC outlets.
The keyboard advertised it needed a USB 3 slot, which I did have one free. But the user guide wasn't clear which of the two wires powered the keyboard. Turned out to be the C connector for which they included a C to standard adapter. The Microsoft wireless mouse  & keyboard only took up one USB port.

I bought the Razer because it was top of the lists for typing, but the list was made by touch typists with small fingers. I had to disable the caps lock key because I kept hitting it when I typed a letter a. The sleep key requires the Fn key to be held down, and there is only one of those, not 2 like in most keyboards. The media keys are brilliant. A rotary dial for volume. one FAIL is the play/pause, FF and REW keys are not illuminated, cannot see which is which at night. But they are in a logical order so not so bad.

The color of the illumination can be set with software. I prefer the same color, static, but they can be assigned any color one by one or in  groups.

Finally, a day late after a week's shipping delay, Chewy fish food arrived. Enough for a year I think.

Woke up with new insect bites, they itch like crazy and only respond to calamine lotion, but the kind I have runs and gets on the sheets. Ordered a spray and a soap bar. Probably should have gone to CVS - faster & cheaper.

Recruiter sent me the times for my Tuesday badging & equipment pickup and next Thursday's Zoom training. Apparently I am getting a laptop, which they want me to use for the training. That's pretty standard. I expect there to be too much fun with VPNs.

Called a friend who wanted to know how to tell if her PC was hacked. The answer is if you are not a big company or a billionaire you're too small to bother with. Really just needs to replace that 14-year-old PC. Best Buy is a good place to start, go for an Intel i5 with Windows 10. And software to transfer your stuff. Dell or HP.

Unplugged the car. Tried to call Nissan Connect tech support twice but the tech kept dropping here phone and disconnecting. I'll try again Friday.

Watched a local TV special on Nevada Made products, they did a good job of covering a wide range, but all the businesses were white-owned.

Love Island was weird,  the day's competition was designed to criticize the contestants using old outdated viewer feedback. The rest of the hour was spent listening to them complain about that.

Superman & Lois got even deeper into the senseless, pull plot changes out yo ass, BS.

Planned to go outside and watch the meteor shower but it's overcast. Oh wait, it is only windy. And a comfy 90F.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Star Trek convention.
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