August 13th, 2021


Quiet Friday

New keyboard is still typo central. Boo. Hiss. Keys are too small and close together.

Up at 6-ish, back to bed after applying calamine gel to the itchy spots. It is much better than the lotion.

Played on the tablet till 10, lots of activity on the LVFD scanner. The front of a Mexicansupermarket collapsed and they ran out of ambulances. Also two or three young people with drug overdoses and a couple of 80+ yo folks needing assistance. In one case first responders show up at the door for a First Alert alarm, and are told the person with the alarm has moved - to an assisted living facility.

Called my endocrinologist's office, got voicemail. Left a message to cancel Tuesday's appointment. No return call.

Called hematologist's office, ended up printing out the oxymeter results with a cover letter and printing an envelope.

Also wrote a letter to park manager explaining I did buy and install a new panel, which was destroyed by a raccoon. With a link to the cam video. Also explained the community stray cat program and asked him to let me keep the panel open.

It started looking like another thunderstorm, better beat it by driving to the PO and mailing those 2 letters. On the way back stopped at my mailbox,  it was empty. 2 hours later USPS delivered a package there from Amazon. WTF?  :-(

UPS delivered a long-awaited trio of SodaStream bottles, two for lemon lime and one for orange. Filled the first 2.

Banana for breakfast, fruit & mint oreos for lunch, salad  and Lean Cuisine maple bourbon chicken  for dinner. And frozen yogurt.

Watched the last bit of Love Island, 2 episodes of Married @ First Sight and part 1 of Expedition Unknown search for the El Dorado. He got to show off his archeology skills. He has some.

Checked my stocks - Moderna is through the roof and my 100 shares from January has made $24k profit. But it looks like it is still going up, so I won't sell yet. I also bought some MGM, Caesar's and Wynn to support the local economy though the big bucks were made buying last April. I had bought and sold Caesar's earlier and made $$. I think they all have more up to go. 

New company sent a bunch of forms to sign, electronically. Looks like on Tuesday I will take home a laptop, mouse, external keyboard and a company issued phone. And a badge.  Looked at my schedule and the boss made a typo, has the Thursday zoom training starting at 2 am. I am sure it will be fixed before then. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Not going back to the Trek convention. It's going to take forever to check in, after a very long walk, and the schedule is impossible to find if you didn't buy a program (they are all gone).