August 17th, 2021


Monday was derailed by [TMI]

Up at 2 am Sunday, spent a lot of time on the can, shuffled between there and the kitchen for meds, and watched some trashy reality TV in small doses between trips.

Finally asleep around 4:30.

Out of bed at 8:30 to take the garbage out, back to bed then up at 10 again but there were a few adventures with methane first.

Watched Love Island  finale, the four couples were rated by the fans, and the fans chose 4-3-2-1 exactly as I would have. The last piece of the game is each person in the#1 couple chooses an envelope. One has $100,000 in it, the other 0. The person who draws the $$ has to decide whether to keep it all and send the other one home with nothing, or split it. The last time I saw this show, the guy kept it, he had no interest in the relationship outside of the show. This time they split it. He said it was the only answer. Yay. Also a very big change from last seasons is all 4 final couples, all 8 people, became close friends, they were all happy with the results. Three of the 4 couples had plans to stay together after the show was done, one couple was going to see if they could figure out a NY-OR LDR.

Expedition Unknown was a Project®. Josh traveled to Panama, UK and Germany and offered $100 to couples he found on the street who could answer a question about pirates. Get one right, get $100. The second one is worth $150. The third one is $500 but it's double or nothing - get it wrong and lose what you've already been given. They were good multiple choice questions, and many correct guesses. I knew the answer to all of them, but it was not easy - the wrong answers were mostly plausible.


Up to date

Banana breakfast, some email to answer and FB updates. Posted some of my convention photos in the trek convention photo page.

Today was my first day at work.

Out at 11, many wrong turns because the place is "above the Apple Store" but the huge Town Center shopping complex has no signs pointing to the Apple Store. But eventually I found the South parking garage (also no signs till you were right at the entrance), drove to the top (3rd ) floor and called for directions. Which were down a flight of stirs out onto the street, and by luck I found the Apple Store and there was a sign for the office suites where the job site was.

Got there at 11:30, called from the lobby and the nice man brought me to a small room with a very nice Dell laptop set up for me to log into and install things. But the network was slow, and I had not been fully authorized in their system, and it was 3:20 pm before we were done. A huge part of the problem was the Microsoft error messages made it sound like my password was in the wrong format for their system when the real problem was I was not in the system. 2-layer authentication did not work in the MSFT app, but I found a work-around. But the work-around gave an error message saying I still had the wrong password, when the issue was a network timeout.

I was the first one there, but my tech had to share time with 3 other newbies, so there was a lot of waiting. I was the last one out. I brought home a laptop and wired headphones. No phone - have to use my personal one, no keyboard, no mouse. Mouse is coming, and also maybe a monitor which I don't want. I was hoping I could use my office PC. I may just set up a tray table in the office. Or use the guest room.

Now that I know where the place is, it's easy to find. Tropicana to The Strip, hang a left, go about a mile and turn right into the shopping complex, and go all the way to the back. The south parking garage is actually the southwest corner of the center.
Home, caught up on FB and Twitter, no one I knew was on Twitch.

Watched Bachelor in Paradise first episode. The place is a dump. They loaded it with 3 more women than men and then added one more woman, a ringer who is part of the staff but apparently is playing the part of a contestant this time. Totally unfair. So far lots of couples are forming, just on day one.

Below Deck Med  finally managed an episode without any injuries. #2 stew needs to walk the plank. Firing is too good for her. The chef is handling his insecurity issues better. #2 crew mate has almost come to realize his boss is not romantically inclined toward him. #1 crew mate is jazzed that the whole crew supports his ambiguous gender (except #2 stew). #4 mate and #3 stew need to get a room. They do make a lovely couple. Meanwhile Captain Sandi is putting too much hope in #2 stew, and putting the onus on chief stew to make it so.

Fedex says they delivered an Amazon package to my porch, but the tracking number says they delivered it to a porch in Arizona. :-(

Lunch was fruit and frozen yogurt pops. Salad for dinner followed by the small sushi combo. And mint oreos.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fire up the work laptop and connect a mouse, and connect it to the home network. And see which passwords work.
And maybe order a small table because the laptop is, I think, too big for the tray table. I have a folding card table but it's too big.
Pay more attention to Jade
Call Intermountain hematology and tell them to ignore the referral. They did not understand last time because I thought it was my PCP's office.
The usual online stuff