August 19th, 2021


Guest room is now work space

Plan A was to put the work laptop on a tray table in the office, which is what I used to do with my own laptop until I moved it to the bedroom. But the work laptop is almost as wide as the tray table, no room for a mouse and no place to park the headphones. And the tray wobbles.

Plan B invoked, off to Walmart after confirming they have folding tables which are 2 feet square with a convenient carrying handle, which fold out to 4' wide, 2' deep. Excellent. Also picked up a bluetooth mouse. Forgot to buy napkins, though.

Home, the new table was a tad too awkward in the office, so I moved everything to the guest room. 5GHz wi-fi worked fine, so I spent some time arranging the desktop and task bar and opening Slack,which they use like Discord, downloaded all the email into Outlook (they use exchange server) set up Zoom to use the headset and tested the built in camera. Not as good as the Razer cam but everyone will have the same handicap. Zoom sessions are gonna be ugly.

And then there was email that Thursday's training which had been postponed to Friday was not happening, but join it anyway to meet Alice the IT genius and get some clues from her. She was the one who fixed my final authentication issue yesterday.

Read the news, but it's all so predictable. 76 articles on Afghanistan, 128 on Covid, only about 23 on wildfires, 3 or 5 on Haiti and random human interest fillers, including a LAS K9 competing for cutest TSA dog, and a 5-year-old dropped off at wrong school bus stop and left to die. Oh and the firefighter who accidentally killed his wife by driving her half an hour away to his station and administering an opioid antidote when calling 911 would have saved her. Earlier stories claiming he was buying and selling drugs with other firefighters have mysteriously disappeared from all three local new sites.

Played a good game of solitaire, messed around on Twitter and Facebook. Watched a favorite storm chaser get rained on in Tennessee.

Not much on Tivo - PTI was bumped for a baseball game, Superman & Lois was the season finale, in which the bad guy is defeated and returns to his former role as Superman's half brother, Lois's dad the general in charge of DOD intelligence announces he is retiring to spend more time with his family, the one black main character is leaving the show because Lois was his wife in the parallel universe he came from and it hurts to see her with Superman, who destroyed Earth in his universe. It will be interesting to see what characters and plots the writers pull out of their butts next year.

Banana breakfast, snacks instead of lunch, salad and shrimp tempura for dinner.

Signed up for my shingles booster, and maybe a flu shot @ walgreen's.

Tried the bone conduction audio device recommended by bill_schubert. The basic technology has been around for decades, there was actually a network in the 80's called earbone or something similar. These new ones are small and light and bluetooth, but they crackle too much on my PC to enjoy the music. Probably okay for audio books, but I prefer to use my eyes to read. YMMV.

Delivered: in a cold pack was 1 dozen each of Scharffen-Berger 82% and 70% 3-oz chocolate bars. Close to $100 but free shipping and enough for months of bedside chocolate.

Spent way too much time trying to add the Nest thermostat to Google Home, turns out I did not need to. But after doing a full reset I hit the wrong button and told it I had an electric furnace not a gas one. I may have to nuke it again to fix that. But for now we won't get cold enough for heat.
Plans for tomorrow:

The usual morning stuff
11 am shingles shot
Grocery shopping -put those cold packs to use

I've been shot twice

11 am appointment at a Walgreen's a few miles up Tropicana. Long wait - the three pharma techs were swamped with Covid tests at the drive-thru and covid shots inside and I had to fill out paperwork even though I'd already filled it out online. The appointment was for my long-delayed 2nd shingles shot, but they were happy to add the super-charged flu shot.

Groc shopping on the way home $140 because I bought some sushi and stocked up on everything.

Home, vegged for a while to cool down and relax before putting stuff away in 2 shifts.

Watched two episodes of Married At 1st Sight. One couple was zapped because he came down with Covid ad sent his wife hoe so she wouldn't. Probably the wrong move, they could have found her a room, the other wives wanted to support her in situ.

Shingles shot kicked my butt, I napped from 4 till 6. I need some aspirin. Tylenol doesn't cut it.

Expedition Unknown was part 2 of the el dorado trek. Pretty boring, lots of slogging through the jungle, they did find a very hidden city but looters had beat them to it. Josh's talk show was bad. He had some good guests but production sucked, so did his band.

Salad then rainbow sushi roll and rainbow sherbet.

Call from the dentist, they have 2 crowns to install Saturday, #3 shipment was lost.


1 pm work zoom with the other new folks & the IT genius. But no training
Dentist will let me know if #3 crown showed up or if we have to make another impression and wait several more weeks