August 20th, 2021


Lots of stuff delivered, IT zoom session foo - at least Spook kept me company

Spook was on the bed with me at first, groomed herself but ran off when the lights went out. Fitful sleep, arm still hurts, flu shot kicked in around midnight, shivering in 76F heat. Grabbed a blanket from the closet. 3 Tylenol. Up several times, but eventually was able to sleep in. 

Banana & PNB breakfast, Hgl levels were good.

Read some news, watched Biden's live stream apology for getting it wrong, maybe now he will learn to not trust the commanders overseas who have been getting it wrong for 20 years.  But he's making promises he cannot keep.

It's no surprise the Taliban overran the country so quickly - it's their country and they keep it simple with cheap, fuel efficient  pickup trucks and the population has always been on their side.  And the people  fleeing at the airport are Just Plain Stupid. Acting like an airplane is a bus they can just climb onto from the outside. I'm sad that so many people across the Persian and Arab lands are so brainwashed, but let them all win Darwin awards.

One streamer in Thailand was at Ko Chang - elephant island, walking along the beach. I used to love that place, but now it's way too built up. I went there in November 1989, the week the Berlin Wall was taken down. Two DDG German women were on the boat and in the same beachside bungalows as me. I told them on the boat, but they thought I was playing a cruel joke on them. But after a few days newspapers arrived, and they became very friendly. But it was time for me to leave.

Not much real news online today.

1 pm zoom meeting with my fellow contractors, and the IT guru, and the local guy who is our tech support. It was a mess. One woman hogged the whole meeting, she had never seen a Windows PC before and was flailing at the top of her voice. IT guru kept sharing her screen, instead of showing us how to do things ourselves. I got some of the tasks done, but the shared screen kept getting in my way. They have way too many layers of alleged security, all their apps are using a password server which ought to make it easy, but doesn't.

I'm in the guest room, which has a cat tree, and Spook watched me from the tree, eventually climbed onto the desk and then on the floor by my side to be petted. Jade is still scared of her, but is not making as many angry noises, and is comfortable leaping 4 feet onto the freezer and then curling up on the marble counter top. She has a niche between the wall and the food processor. She thinks Spook cannot get up there, but I've seen Spook make that kind of leap before. She just doesn't want to chase and fight.

Did a dishwasher load because I was out of small salad bowls, and running low on ice cream spoons.

Lunch: fruit bowl - watermelon, honeydew & cantaloupe. Dinner salad, the second rainbow sushi roll and rainbow sherbet.

Delivered today: a Logi G213 keyboard. I'm using it now and it is great. No sleep button, but I now have a batch file for that. Have to run it as administrator, though. Media keys are above the 10-key keypad. It's brightly backlit, a small software widget lets me select the colors. There's also a color key and a game controller key which makes an LED light up, but I don't know what else. The caps lock key is small, inset away from the A key. I like the design except for the tiny DEL and HOME keys.

Also delivered was a 6-pack of CR2 batteries, which are used in some of my sensors. And two sets of bamboo bedsheets - queen - from the same company which made my bamboo pillows, so the pillow cases actually fit (standard ones are too small). Put the teal ones on the bed. They are very light.

And a T-mobile SIM card. An hour on hold with horrible pop music, and then they had to transfer me to the prepaid department because the phone number is for the expensive post-paid. But that transfer was fast, and the guy did a good job. It took another hour, they assigned a temporary phone number so they could disable mine and then port the temp to my number. So now I have a $40/month plan again instead of $70. No frills, I do not need any. 10GB of data a month!

Plans for tomorrow:
1 pm dentist appointment, not sure if I'll get 2 or 3 crowns. They didn't message me with whether the 3rd box showed up.
If it's 3, we need to figure out if I need a new partial.