August 21st, 2021


Crowns and lies and possible meteorite strike

Banana and three pieces of string cheese for breakfast (sugar & protein). Skimmed the news because the media is on Vacay in Af-stan and 346 sidebars on covid. Media idiots - stop showing needles! Especially stop showing needles in arms.  Those scare the crap out of people.  Show Pfizer and Moderna corp HQ. Maybe show national guard units loading boxes onto trucks. Stop with the anti-vaxer coverage, it only encourages them. And every article does not need an illustration.

Meanwhile other important stories in 120 other countries go uncovered.

Tom T. Hall passed away at 85. He is one of the very few country hall of fame singers whose songwriting and singing made me a fan. This one is my favorite (banter included).

Chatting with my Baltimore sister, she and her husband did their spring training road trip differently this time, they went to the minor league circuit, and a lot of the games were canceled due to covid, or rumors of covid. As we were talking, dentist office calls, it turns out there was no missing box, the lab was unable to make a crown from the defective impression they were sent.

Dentist at 1, tech did most of the work, removed #1&2 cap, plugged the crowns in place, dentist helped glue them in and tech cured the glue with a UV light gun. Dentist left, tech popped out #3 cap, took x-rays, made new impressions, carefully this time, and then glued the #3 cap back in.

Got my estimate out of the car and showed they had charged me $30 a crown too much, so paying for the final installment I got $60 off.

Where we stand is in about 3 weeks we'll do #3 crown, and probably make impressions for a new partial because the current one probably won't fit. That will probably take another month. And $1200 or so.

Home, no stops until the mailbox. There was a lot of junk including the weekly shopper, plus two small packets. And a key to storage box 5, in which there was another packet.

And on the porch was a box which looked like the flag pole and American flag I ordered, but inside was only the flag pole. The ad on Amazon showed it with an American flag, but the fine print said it was just the pole. So I ordered a flag.

Watching TV, Below Deck Med Galley Talk, on Tivo, suddenly there was a flash of light out the bay windows and a loud explosion. I went outside to see what it was, all the neighbors who were home came out too. There was no smoke, no fire, all the trees were still standing, so WTF? Then across the street neighbor pointed to the carport of the house next to mine, and we saw this:

No smoke, no other damage, I think it was hit by a Perseid meteorite. Had it been something from the nearby AFB, it would have smoked, anything else dropping from the sky would have left something behind. These are the neighbors who helped trap and fix the stray cats so I had her number and texted her the picture and a description. She called later (my phone number had changed so I had to tell her who I was). Good news is she has insurance, bad news is they were at a funeral.

Also on Tivo was a too log compilation of Gold Rush starting the season early, and Star Trek Lower Deck which was horrible. Needlessly violent. Crappy art work. If it doesn't improve I won't waste my time.

And part 2 of 90 Day Fiance Tell All where Angela is "done" for the 42nd time. I want her to be dropped from the show. None of the others got any significant time except Andrei and his father in law. They really need a part 3.

No Raiders game on TV today. Looks like they were in LA, they won by 1 point. Probably on one of the for-pay channels. Next televised one is Sunday, against the 49ers.

Lunch - half a bowl of fruit. Wanted to make a smoothie but took a nap and some aspirin instead (aspirin was in one of the USPS packets).

Salad, then meat patty & mac&cheese & froyo for dinner.

Jade ate a lot of treats and canned food today and pooped on the counter again. I am tempted to set her up in the guest room with food , water & litterbox but it's my work space now. Have to think about that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Remove the hummer feeder holder from the ramp entrance because the flag gets caught on on it and it attracts pigeons.
Take it easy. My left arm is still red and tender from the shingles shot & I need to recover from the dentist adventure.
Maybe get the spare litterbox from the shed and the food tower from wherever it is and the water fountain from the guest bathroom cabinet. and set them up in the guest room
Move the work office into the front room by the fish tank.
I need to raise the legs on the table, I think, and put the bedroom tall fan in the front room.
That all doesn't sound very relaxing.