August 22nd, 2021


Nothing much happened today, on purpose

Probably the highlight was me moving the cat food back where it was before the dishwasher installation, then grabbing Jade by the scruff of the neck and belly and carrying her across the great divide which she had been avoiding because Spook sometimes parks there. And then I taught her to follow me there and eat. But she doesn't seem to like the water fountain. Hmmm.

Also found the catches on the folding table which is my new office table and raised the legs to desk height. Still may move that to the sofa.

A raccoon showed up soon after I put food out last night, followed by one stray and the neighbor's cat. More food is out tonight.

The plan was to sleep in, which I did and at 4-ish I took a nap, fell asleep listening to one of my favorite Thai radio stations, Cool Fahrenheit. Pop music, the announcer talks too fast for me to follow, except I always catch any numbers he says. It's a Bangkok station, meant for the locals not the tourists. From time to time I will use Shazam to identify a singer or song. Much fun because Thai songs come up in Thai script. I generally like the music, except when it mixes in rap.

Nothing on Tivo. No storm chasers despite the tropical depression back east. Channel surfed and found the local minor league baseball game. Las Vegas Aviators' pitcher's last name is Howard, I need to get a T-shirt before they are subsumed by the Athletics.

The shingles shot is still making my arm red. Aspirin helped reduce that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Mail in my $135 credit voucher from the Trek "khan"
Hook up the USB hub, due sometime tomorrow
Also due is the flag.