August 26th, 2021


Dermatologist, Jade excavated, Amazon delivery FAIL

The usual breakfast is now a banana and half an hour later when it has warmed up, some string cheese.

I finally found Jade's hiding place in the guest room:

So I set up the cat cam to email me a snapshot if it detected motion. And moved the motion sensor which turns on the lights to a spot between the food dishes. But the lights did not go on all day, and no email, which worried me. That bottom rack holds a lot of heavy LPs, and they tend to shift, so this evening I pulled out a bunch of them to make sure Jade was not trapped.

Turns out there is a lot of room back there, but I'm leaving that space open anyway. That blue mat in front is what she had pooped on. There is a litterbox 2 feet away.

Skimmed the news, the only real news was NY State's new Gov has appointed a Harlem born and raised state senator to be Lt. Gov. This vastly increases the chances eventually of a black Gov of NY. But Gov also announced she will run next time.

2 pm dermatology appointment, I complained about the lack of progress, so after he knee-jerk sprayed me with liquid Nitrogen, he scheduled surgery in a month.  7:15 am. Yikes.

On the way home, stopped at Albertson's which has a Fedex in-store facility and dropped off the Razer keyboard. They finally sent an RMA label. And while I was there, stocked up on muffins, fruit bowls (watermelon + honeydew + cantaloupe), a hand of bananas and some sushi.

Home, USPS email showed a letter from Jade's adoption agency addressed to me & Jade, but it was not in the mailbox. There was mail from Home Again, but it was Spook's renewal notice, which is a waste of paper because I have auto-pay.

Watched two episodes of Married at First Sight, the second one was a tell-all about the first one. I'm 90% sure one couple will split soon. The matchmakers really blew that one. One couple have been intimate from the first night, he caught covid and sent her home from the honeymoon, but they are back together and closer than ever. The other three couples are in various stages of getting to know each other, and two look like winners, one was another match WTF where a cowboy Republican was matched with a city Democrat activist. But other than politics and music they are okay.

Delivered was a bunch of body wash (Amazon subscription FAIL - discontinued item they did not tell me about) and also a note from them that cat food was returned to sender, Amazon did not give them the complete address. Ordered it from PetSmart instead. Also delivered was a headset hook, so I don't have to keep it on my desk.

Yesterday I forgot to mention I noticed some of my oldest shirts needed to be Goodwilled, so I ordered a bunch more in colors I don't usually wear for no apparent reason. Teal, for instance.

Lunch was a whole bowl of fruit because I was starving, dinner salad then sushi and sherbet.

Watched Expedition Unknown, in which Josh dove an 1800's ship wreck, and found gold and silver coins valued in the $10k range each. He doesn't get to keep them, they go to the salvage company which let him dive with them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Training for work zoom meeting noon to 3. Next week shows more training and operator's meetings. Long sessions.