August 27th, 2021


Effed up training session, Jade inspires a new project & her tags arrived.

Quite a while ago I digitized my massive CD collection and Goodwilled the CDs about 50 at a time. They are MP3s on my 10TB E:  hard drive. In college I had access to an industrial turntable and copied all my parents' 78s onto cassettes, and a few years ago ported the cassettes to MP3s on my hard drive, but some were truncated or otherwise borked so I bought a USB turntable with 78 RPM support and re-did the damaged ones.  

But I never captured the LPs which Jade has been hiding behind. Many of those were left in the ancestral home by my older sister when she moved overseas, some were the parental collection. Many of them as I recall I also had on CD, so they are on the PC. USB is not the way to go if the turntable has a pre-amp for a computer's line in port. I have one of those ports on the front of the tower PC. A quick search found an affordable good quality turntable on BestBuy, they do next day delivery which means Saturday, Sunday or Monday. No appointments or work until Wednesday. Temps and air pollution are high so an indoor project is a good idea.

Nothing delivered today. Still waiting on Purina kibble from PetSmart, shirts from Walmart (1 on 9/2, 5 on 9/7) and lancets from Amazon.

PTI was the only show on Tivo. Watched the Weather Channel try to scare the crap out of NOLA by guessing that the Cat 1 storm hitting Cuba will be a Cat 4 when it reached the Crescent City in 2 days. The last time they made that prediction it was only a tropical depression. My one friend in NOLA is heading for Chattanooga in the morning. Good call because she figures even if the storm is a bust, the power is bound to go out, and no A/C is not an option.

To get respite from TWC's screaming i watched some Ancient Aliens. One episode started with a very well researched piece on Nostradamus, which devolved into a collection of sketchy claims of psychokinesis abilities in hillbillies. Kind of sad.

Banana and cheese for breakfast, fruit bowl & a muffin for lunch, salad and spaghetti & meatballs with extra Swiss for dinner. Took the 1/4-full container of fudge moose tracks ice cream out of the spare freezer and let it melt while I got the mail. In the mail was Jade's Home Alone transfer, rabies tag, spay and injections report but nothing on her history.  

The motion detector did not detect Jade eating, but the food tower showed she had. I updated the firmware on MeowCam but it did not help. I think I will move the cam to have a view of her new hiding space.

And I am seriously heartbroken because we were making progress, she would come out to be petted and trust me enough to walk her to the food dish in the kitchen, but pooping on the kitchen counter and Spook guarding the food area meant carrying Jade to the guest room where I had set up a litterbox, food, treats and water. She is clearly frightened of me again. :-(

Noon to 3 pm zoom training session, presented by two employees who were not the official trainer, since he was on call. And once again the one cow-orker just would not shut up. She kept waving her paper notes at us, saying how behind she was. At one point I took off my headphones and watched her lips move for 15 minutes as the two hosts tried to placate her, but she had put too much meth in her coffee and was way off the rails. One of them needed to tell her to shut up, and they would schedule 1-on-1 training for her. Or suggest she put her resume back online.

I managed to pick up a few things, but there was no agenda and items were presented in a slipshod manner in no particular order.

There are two more sessions next week, hopefully by the official trainer.

And the contract agency still has not provided a login for me to enter my direct deposit info. At least I can submit a time sheet finally. I emailed my rep, she called, as always short on time, promising to get me paid. We shall see. The first payment is by paper check, but we're now into the second payment.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on when the turntable arrives
Dino Hunters, Below Deck Med and Gold Rush are recording now.
Move the MeowCam
Maybe put out some canned food for Jade
Maybe call Animal Control for a raccoon trap