August 28th, 2021


No Pay Saturday

Email from Best Buy that the courier could not find my address and returned the turntable to the store. No excuse for this, they have the gate code and my phone number, but did not bother to call me. Half an hour to get a callback from BB, the rep did not understand that it was BB which canceled the order, not me. They put me on hold to research it, but after 10 minutes I hung up. Found the same item on Amazon, got a $12 cash back credit, and it should be here tomorrow.

BB has delivered many things here before.

But that's a day of transcoding which did not happen.

Prep for that I stole the solid tray table from under the google mini, Harmony remote and harmony-Tivo link and replaced it with the slightly wobbly new one.

Work wanted me to put my photo on some internal apps, but the laptop cam sucks for that so I put a few on a usb drive and loaded them onto the laptop. My last passport photo works after making it square.

No word from my contract rep, she forgot today was a Saturday. Will probably hear from her Monday.

Watched TWC panic people about the hurricane. Cat 2, they had expected Cat 3 by now, and are still scaring us with Cat 4 predictions. And they put the guy in charge of the NOLA pumps on the air to tell us the pumps have not been tested since after they were installed. He did not think they had the capacity they needed.

Watched 90 Day The Other Way pillow talk and Dino Hunters.

Took a nap. Not tired as much as bored.

Finished the rainbow sushi roll for dinner after a small salad.

Nothing delivered but ordered a syringe clipper & small sharps container.

Put some of Jade's favorite canned food in her room, but so far I don't think she has come out of hiding. I need another web cam with reliable motion detection to point at her hiding spot, so I ordered another ring wireless cam instead of setting up another iffy Foscam (I have several in the shed).

Also ordered a 24-inch study desk because the folding one takes up too much space. Some assembly required.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual.