August 29th, 2021


Turntable FAIL, expensive one on order.

Kicking myself for getting rid of the USB turntable I used last time, but my audio equipment was going unused and I was downsizing for the move.

USPS literally dropped it off. The guy was actually wearing a pith helmet. He was in a hurry, I heard the thud and before I could get to the back door he was gone, and the box, which clearly showed it was a delicate electronic instrument, was on its side on the cement at the street end of the driveway. They are supposed to deliver it to the front door, where there is carpet and couple of small tables.

He had done some damage to the box, but it had already been beaten up a lot in transit.

Got it set up inside, needed to read the directions to see the drive belt, a very flimsy loop of something resembling rubber, had to be wrapped around a roller. It would have been easier if I had seen the instructions before I removed the kludge of a taped-on puller.

The audio input was a pair of RCA connectors, but my PC's line in port is a plug-in. Luckily I had a stereo adapter in the guest closet.

Put an LP on, and opened Goldwave, but nothing recorded, Tried moving the adapter to the rear line in, no change. Back to the more convenient front.

The instructions did not mention the cap protecting the needle had to be removed. :-(

Better, but I'm only getting about 1/3 of the signal I should be. The unit had a mic/line in switch, the signal was even lower in mic mode. Maybe being dropped broke something but I don't think so. Switching to Audacity software also made no difference. With either app, I couldn't bring the volume up to something usable.

Way later in the day I made the decision to buy a direct drive, USB turntable. Major $$$ but I have a lot of LPs to digitize.
Remembering how I first coaxed Jade out of her hidey hole, I went into her room, got down on the carpet, reached in and petted her face until she triggered, and came out and followed me to the food. She was very hungry. But she won't touch the water. Maybe I need to unplug the fountain - the waterfall may be an issue.

She attacked the canned food on the left first, then the kibble in the tower and finally dipped into the treats bowl on the right. That white thing between the tower and treats is a motion sensor, it turns on the lights in the room. It's a crude way of letting me know she has come out of hiding, if I am looking at the door or the web cam. Coming soon will be a Ring camera pointed at her hiding space. It has a more reliable motion sensor and runs on a battery so it's more portable than MeowCam.

When that arrives I will probably move the electric piano to the other side of the room for a less obstructed view of her new space.
In other news, last night almost as soon as I put kibble out for the cats FOUR raccoons attacked it. Gotta call Animal Control.

Speaking of which, I am fuming because I mailed a letter on the 13th to the park manager explaining the raccoon thing and asking to not have to put the vent back in place, and instead of a response, I got in the mail today a boiilerplate letter robosigned by him saying I needed to call by 9/3 to explain how I was going to fix the vent. Asinine.

No other deliveries today. Many in the pipeline.

Baltimore sister says she plans to visit 10/24, so I blocked that time out on the work schedule. But I'm puzzled because her son's anniversary is the 23rd. It also would have been Dad's birthday, which is why they chose it.

Watched Dino Hunters. Still a hoot hearing uneducated cowboys as they perform sophisticated archeology.
Tried to watch the Raiders-49ers game, but Tivo quit before halftime. Oh wait, maybe I hit that FF-to-the-end key.
Yup, that's what happened. Comes from my trick of hitting the 30-second skip key at the end of each play, but hitting it twice skips to the end of the recording.
The game is annoying because they have the 49ers commentators, not the Raiders'. The 49ers guys said the Raiders' people were in the next booth. :-(
Nothing else new on Tivo till tomorrow.

Ordered some pocket T-shirts. Three of the 5 I have are damaged enough for Goodwill.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the garbage
Call the manager
Call Paris Nails for an afternoon appointment. I need a full set this time.
Call Animal Control
Spend some quality time with Jade