August 31st, 2021


Nails, boredom and Jade discovers water

At 8:30 I phoned the park office where a very confused woman may or may not have taken my message to the manager correctly. Long story short, manager never called back.

Changed Spook's litterbox & wheeled the bins to the curb.

Contract rep sent my login so I was able to set up direct deposit.

10 am, made a 2pm appointment to have my nails completely redone. Manicure lady last time said they needed it and I agreed.

So, 2pm and nobody free to do the deed. Tall guy sat me down in someone else's station and set my nails in a bowl of acid. Okay, acetone. He came back in 15 minutes and used a dremel to remove a layer of acrylic. Fingers back in the bowl, he went to his station to work on someone else. 10 minutes later a woman takes another layer off. Fingers back in the bowl. another 5 minutes, the boss woman comes in, it's her station, she is DDG in a gold striped outfit and gold belt. She does the rest of the manicure, taking some extra steps to prevent ingrown nails and she trims the cuticles. The good news is now the acrylic is clear and we can see through to the nail bed. The bad news is the nail bed has blemishes. Color next time I think.

Albertson's is next door, I needed fruit bowls, salad greens, sushi and cookies. Wanted caramel popcorn but could not find any. Also got some mini ice cream cones. The cold packs were still frozen in the insulated bag so nothing melted.

Home, in the mailbox was an Amazon package, syringe needle clippers. On the front porch were three packages - 5 button down shirts from Walmart, lancets and aquarium thermometers from Amazon.

Spent too much time trying to fit the turntable back in its box. Need to stage it better, and figure out how it fits into the Styrofoam blocks.

Read the news, logged in to brokerage and placed a limit order to sell half my Moderna stock. If it keeps going down I'll change that to a market sell. Probably it will get much lower, I might buy it back if it gets low enough.

Watched  a lot of NOLA and area Ida coverage. What a mess.

bridget_coila evacuated her family a couple of days ago, just in time for her birthday today.

Took a nap, needed the alarm at 7:30 to wake me. 8 pm basfa zoom meeting went quickly.

Watched Bachelor in Paradise, in which the producers had a field day blowing up couples. Rose ceremony is tomorrow. 4 guys going home.

Moved things around in Jade's room. took the bath mat out to launder it, pushed the litterbox where the mat had been, and rearranged the wires so they were out of the way. Pushed the piano to where the litterbox had been. Unplugged the water fountain and moved it closer to the food.

Coaxed her out for food in the morning. Evening spent more time coaxing her out for food, managed to introduce her to the water (yay!) and she is back to playing slalom racing between my ankles. We're most of the way back to pre-guest room Jade.

Meanwhile, Spook hangs around outside the door, I have to shoo her away when I come out. But she is honing her lap cat skills so I'm happy.

Sushi for diner. too lazy for salad making.

Hung up the new shirts. Some old shirts joined the Goodwill pile.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Skype with J
Set up an aquarium thermometer
Box up the turntable

Tired Tuesday

Only 7:30 and I wanna go to bed

Up at 6. Played on the tablet till the 8 am wakeup automation.

After shower, took off the big toe band aid, swabbed the toe with betadine, put on a new band aid.

Banana breakfast

Scanned the utterly predictable news. My heart goes out to NOLA and its neighbors. I hope the contractors who used cheap materials and untrained labor to build those transmission towers and hospital roofs come to an untimely end.

Delivered: three of the button-down shirts. Allegedly 18 3/4 but my tummy says 17. Also delivered later: two of 5 pocket t-shirts. Will try one on tomorrow.

And the 24" "some assembly required" computer desk showed up, it was indeed easy to assemble. Pretty sturdy. Folded up the 48" camp table and set it aside.

And the aquarium thermometers arrived, but they are too small to read from more than a foot away. And I think the water is warmer by 3 or 4 degrees. Will try again. Maybe a trip to Trop is in order? No, I'd come back with fish. There are too many in the tank already, especially now that they have grown.

Jade has decided she will only come out for canned food. But once out she will chomp on all the foods and maybe drink some water.

Good Skype with J.

Watched 90 Day Fiance singles, and the corresponding pillow talk.

Below Deck Med once again had a major medical emergency. Idiot chef grabbed a flaming baking sheet with his bare hand and flung it into the sink. Burned three fingers badly, enough to call the doctor.  The replacement stew turns out to be a deck hand with zero stew experience. Capt. Sandy did not do her due diligence and put chief stew in a bind.

Salad and lasagna for dinner, and orange sherbet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work Zooms at 2 and 4. Training and routine meeting with all the company's people who do the same job
Try on a t-shirt
Get the turntable into its battered box.