September 1st, 2021


Work kicked my butt

Spook slept under the bed last night. She came out in time to be shower cat while I brushed my teeth.

Jade had tripped the light sensor a couple of times, but was not at the food area by the time I looked at the meowcam. She came out for canned food and attention in the morning and just now she came out for a lot of leg slalom and braved the water fountain which was plugged back in. The waterfall scared her at first but then she was able to ignore it and just lap up water from the bowl. No canned food, so she chomped on kibble. Weirdly she did not touch the treats.

Spook got a helping of Sheba for the first time in a while, ate it in shifts.

Work zoom training meeting from 2-4, then the bi-weekly operators' meeting from 4-5. I be an Event Operator. Boss had everyone do intros, and everyone praised the camaraderie. Everyone. It's nice they have a cohesive team, but not so nice that the company doesn't have it together enough for people to feel secure doing their jobs solo. There are some red flags for me because some of the things they are doing by hand have been automated since the days of reel to reel tape. Boss made an urgent appeal for people to come into the office because that stuff can not be done from home. I'm only slightly interested, because the office is a long drive away, and it's a series of tiny rooms crowded with equipment, not a comfortable environment. And each time you go you have to fill in a "I don't have symptoms" form online. Parent company has a vax passport app, but we don't have access to it yet.

Best news was noisy woman was not there. Called in sick. Which means she will be even more behind and panicked next time she is there.

Unless boss finds 1-on-1 training for her. Possible with all the offers to help from all the staff. 

They covered a lot of things, but still have not shown us how to actually do the job. Lots of emphasis on documentation.

While in the meeting, contract rep called. She'll try again in the morning.

Made the mistake of spending the whole shift in my too-hard-bottomed old desk chair. Moved the new small desk into the office, tomorrow I'll sit in the comfy chair.

Got the FAILed turntable back into the box and will bring it to UPS to ship back. Replacement more $$ model due Sunday.

Watched the last hour of Bachelor in Paradise, and the producers keep outdoing themselves messing things up. They brought in another ringer to compete with Demi. Becca, who was a Bachelorette who got engaged to a meathead who turned out to be ultra-conservative which is not a match for her, a BLM activist. Then another failed relationship, and she's been divorced for a year now. Not my idea of a stellar choice.

Catfish turned up a professional scammer. The guy steal photos from models' pages and makes fake sites. He says he started dirt poor, has scammed enough people to buy a house. He sees nothing wrong with it. The show ought to be reporting these people to law enforcement, internet scamming is a federal offense. But they don't even talk about it. 

Fruit and a muffin for lunch, salad and sushi for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Contract rep call
Quality time with Jade
UPS - drop off the turntable
1 pm zoom training
Married at First Sight
Expedition Unknown