September 2nd, 2021


Another training day; progress with Jade

The light went on in Jade's room at about 5, which also was when Spook was beating the crap out of  mirror cat. I went to check on Spook and she meowed at me, seemed to be upset that mirror cat was not Jade. This time looking at Meowcam, Jade was at the food dishes for about 5 minutes. Later in the morning I brought in canned food, and got a lot of leg rubs from Jade. She gets her claws caught in the carpet. But she won't let me pick her up to trim them.

Contract rep called, again she had not time to talk. :-( But she said my time sheet went through.

Banana for breakfast. News was the usual predictable updates. Biden called out the Supes for not taking up the Texas abortion bill, but he's out of line. It's not his place. Congress needs to act, and that's also not his place.
Morning LVFD scanner had an overturned gasoline tanker closing down one of the freeways. It was a mess.

Took the turntable to UPS to return to Amazon. Made the mistake first of trying the 100 SPF aerosol from CVS to protect my head & face, and nearly suffocated. That stuff is toxic. And some got in my right eye, using artificial tears only helped a little. After UPS I went to the grocery store and bought a B&L eye wash kit, and [unrelated] some fruit juices. Used about half the eye wash for a couple of hours, but the 1-4 pm  zoom class was done a lot with one eye closed. It wasn't till about 5:30 that the pain was gone. And my nose finally stopped running.

I had a hankering for junk food so I ordered delivery from Jack in the Box. Sourdough cheeseburger for dinner with onion rings and a chocolate shake. Three small cheeseburgers and one curly fries and one more shake for tomorrow.

Watched the first episode of Exploration X in which Josh sends other people out to do his dirty work. Followed by his talk show, which had some good guests on for a change.

And one episode of Married At First Sight, in which the Rev. visits each couple to psychoanalyze their intimacy issues. It's pretty clear one couple is not going to make it, but he's in denial. He did do an okay job fixing two other couples, and nudging a third along. Will watch the tell-all-ish show later tonight.

Dentist called, my crown is there, come in at 11 tomorrow morning.

Ordered a simple LP rack and dividers because the albums keep falling down.

Withdrew some of my windfall profits from the IRA.

Plans for tomorrow:
Trop for a readable aquarium thermometer. The one I had ran out of battery and the battery is not replaceable.