September 3rd, 2021


Final crown in place. Many deliveries too

Fed and played with Jade, also topped off Spook's food. Banana breakfast - I forgot about the croissant sandwiches in the fridge.

Appointment was for 11 am, arrived at 10:50, was not seen until 11:40. Most of the work was done by the tech, the dentist came in for the final glue-in after checking the x-rays.

Told the GPS to find the nearest Lee's Discount Liquor, which is the Bevmo of Las Vegas. Mr Lee passed away recently and was lauded by one and all as a pillar of the community and stellar businessman. If it's booze, they have it. I was looking for Irish Cream. Bailey's is going for $23 for the small bottle, not worth it. The Lee's branch GPS took me to was not the nearest, but I had plenty of battery left so okay, an adventure.

Friday afternoon at that store is stocking day, many employees wheeling dollies with boxes all over the place and stacking them in the aisles. Luckily I found the 2 dozen or so Irish Cream brands at the end of an aisle. Found two which were $10 a small bottle. No booze filled chocolates, though.

Next stop was Trop Aquarium, but they did not have any good thermometers, or any gouramis worth buying.  Found a better version online of the one that died.

On my way to the dentist I stopped by the mailbox and jammed in there were three packages. A drug from Humana, a button down shirt and a pair of pocket t-shirts.

Later the final pair of t-shirts showed up on my porch.

4-ish, tried to take a nap but Alexa woke me up with news that the turntable had arrived.

I put on pants and got it. Also the LP rack. The rack was very easy to assemble, and sturdy. All the albums I'd pulled from Jade's hideaway only filled half. There's another third still in her room. Later.

The turntable is much bigger and heavier than the last one, even though it is the same brand. Lots of assembly required. The metal turntable was under the main mechanism, the pad was on top, taped to a cardboard disc. The counterweight had to be put on separately, as well as the needle (this time I knew to remove the cap). USB cable is old school printer style, power adapter too.

It took a while to stumble on how to turn the thing on, the power button looks like a button but it is an awkward push and rotate. There is a separate stop/go button. This one is all manual, no automatic start and no stop at the end of the record. The cheap model had those. Go figure.

The first two records I tried showed two things:
1. It's way dusty here, I need a record cleaning brush (on order now)
2. Whomever chose some of these records had no taste
An Evening with Harry Belafonte sounded like a good one, but there is only one track worth listening to. It's mostly religious songs, many in French.
And the Gerry Mulligan & Annie Ross album was no doubt bought for its 88¢ sticker. It includes the very worst rendition of I Feel Pretty ever recorded. Gerry is a sax player, Annie is allegedly a singer. Late 1950s.

I'll wait for the brush before continuing. Only listening today, did not record.

Checked the work schedule, training from 3-5:30 Tuesday and Thursday. And my first paycheck made it into my back account. About $240.

Nothing on Tivo. But there is college football, and a new twist on Undercover Boss - Undercover Employee.

Plans for tomorrow:
Gold Rush
Below Deck Galley Talk
Dino Hunters
Do some research - for work I need to know how to tell when a cricket match is about to end. I should ask my UK cousins
Move the last of the LPs from Jade's room into the rack in the office