September 4th, 2021


Slow Saturday. Minor deliveries, minor purchases

Lounged around till 10:30, after a breakfast croissant, brought canned food to Jade, removed the last of the LPs from in front of her hiding spot.**

Scanned the news. I cannot believe the supes upheld the Texas abortion law, despite the chief justice being against it. I wonder how many newborns will be left on the state capitol steps.

NOLA has electricity, but much of the state does not. They are still pulling bodies out of the flooded NYC subway system.  The one remaining cousin in Brooklyn & his family are okay.

Watched some college football. The noise was overwhelming, and that was just the announcers. I miss the UW games, we don't get them here.

Delivered to my mailbox: large band aids for my still leaking big toenail. In the same package were batteries for an aquarium thermometer which has not been delivered yet.  Sharps containers for travel, but they designed them upside down and will be recycled.  Ordered instead a small set of spice jars which will work fine as a safe place to put lancets. Also ordered a bunch of flexible 8" straws because I'm done with cutting 2" off the end of the 10" ones. Those can be recycled.

Also ordered from a set of 2 oz Vegas Golden Knights shot glasses for the Irish Cream. I also wanted Seattle Kraken, but they don't have them. Nor Raiders nor Seahawks on Maybe tonight I'll look on Amazon for slightly larger aperitif glasses.

Did laundry - many shirts will go to Goodwill. I have replacements for some on order and also now have enough pocket T shirts for more than a week. Getting tired of buttons.

**Afternoon visit to Jade. She had moved from the lower level of the rack to the next one up.  She came out to play but yelled at me for not bringing canned food.

Evening visit - I saw the light on, but did not see her in the MeowCam. Mystery solved - the litterbox had been used, and its "waiting to rake" light was flashing. Brought canned food. She was back on the lower level, came out to play. I left her still chomping on canned food.

Spook came over to the recliner to watch me watch Dino Hunters. I fooled her into jumping on my lap after putting on my glasses and grabbing the claw trimmer. She made rude whimpering noises but let me do all her nails. Kind of hard to find them with her long fur.

Earlier in the day I watched Below Deck Galley Talk. Cool to see that the alumni feel the same way I do about things.

Lunch was fruit bowl and mini cones. Salad and a cheeseburger for dinner- remembering to peel the limp lettuce off the burger before reheating it, and added some pickle slices.

Spent an hour or so learning the basics of cricket. Bottom line: the game is over when the last batter is out. That's 22 batters, and each keeps batting until their fly ball is caught, or the little stick (bail) on top of the big sticks (wicket) is knocked off.

The windfall from Moderna stock went to buy a lot of shares of Ford and GM, which are having a hard time now but I think will recover in a year or so. And I also withdrew some cash to pad my savings and checking accounts. And set up to pay my credit cards. Did not need the windfall to do that, but the cushion makes me feel better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plug in my personal laptop and do the usual weekly updates
Jade time
Maybe visit the big gift shop on Sahara & the Strip.