September 7th, 2021


Belabored day

Two things happened
Many LPs were recorded to the hard drive.**
Many more trips to pee than usual.

**There were some scams. For instance, I was looking forward to hearing one of my favorite musicals, The Five Pennies the album showed Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye in a scene from the film, but it was a hoax. Neither of them performed on the album, it was all instrumental, by some unknown band, not even close to the soundtrack. A Sammy Davis Jr album of various hit tunes was defective, grooves run together, unplayable. One Harry Belafonte album sounded like it was recorded in a tunnel with the mic 50 feet away. And the Jimmy Rodgers At Home LP was a studio job, featuring many tunes not suitable for a home concert.

But there were a lot of good ones too. More to be done. And I'm setting aside any albums I already have recorded or recorded from CDs.

BASFA zoom meeting was short, not well attended.

Bachelor in Paradise 2 hours of producer-rigged drama. More to come.

Delivered: 6 Vegas Golden Knights shot glasses. Put them in the dishwasher with tonight's run to see if that will remove the SKU labels.

Time with Jade included sitting on the floor, but she did not like that. She is used to me on a chair.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the dentist, set up an appointment to have the partial made
Call PCP office, remind them I need Urology and Podiatry referrals
3 pm work training zoom meeting

More training

Another morning of recording LPs to the PC. More marketing foo - dad had bought a pair of albums in a series which took 2/3 of the back cover to brag about the futuristic engineering which allows the disc to be played on either a mono or stereo machine. One is called Mexican Guitars and the other Spanish Guitars. Unfortunately the first one was more accordion and percussion, the second had some famous name Spanish guitarists, but most of the tracks were over-orchestrated. Had to set aside a defective Brahms Hungarian Dances LP. I think tomorrow I'll do the more rare Jewish music LPs.

3 pm -5:30 pm training session. We're getting closer. But one of the other contractors pointed out what I was thinking - they should have started weeks ago by having us sit in on an actual session.

I did get a clarification, we won't be doing ad insertions. Yay.

Watched 90 Day Single Life & the corresponding bedroom talk. I like Big Ed. I also like the way too young for him restaurant manager he has a crush on. She genuinely likes him, but age (Ed's daughter is older than her) and two failed marriages means she is really not looking for romance. Brittany needs to get those braces removed. She only has them as sugar daddy bait.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the dentist again (no return to my 10 am call)
Call the PCP office (I forgot)
Shopping - maybe Winco. I need apples.