September 9th, 2021


Mostly medical

Since Friday I've been having symptoms of a UTI, but I've been wrong before and the clinic is closed for the 3-day weekend and I did not want to miss work training session yesterday so today I finally called the clinic, they said come right in, we'll do a test and go from there.

Test was positive, they said there would be drugs soon. Got home, started recording some LPs, and got a notice from CVS to pick up my prescription. Did that, also bought some chips & dip. I had placed a grocery order with Smith's, due around 4-5 pm. The drug is one I have been on before, very strong, it worked well last time.

Shoved in the mailbox was OTC drugs from Humana, and a pair of small glass jars one of which will be my bathroom sharps container - just for lancets.

Got tired of the scratched and defective LPs, and switched gears to the less played Jewish ones. The first was an Israeli dance collection, which I stopped recording because the singer was nails on chalk board. Next was a very well done liturgical album with a bass cantor. Different, they are usually baritones.

I'll take a break for a couple of days I think. Except for a handful of rare items from the parents, there's no reason to record most of these. Definitely going to Goodwill the Allan Sherman ones. Three of those are duplicates.

Instacart texted that the shopper was starting around 3:30, 4:30 delivery  target time. About 1/3 of the items were not found, and two which I suggested replacements for were  also not found. These are all items which are usually in stock. She did find all the frozen foods.

4:30 text from the delivery company that the shopper is in front of my place, and will wait for 10 minutes. Impossible, no one is in front of my place and no one has used my gate code. 5:45, gate code is entered, 5 minutes later the shopper drives up. I tell her I have canceled the order, there is no way I want food which has been in the trunk of her car in 110° weather for 2 hours. She says the company did not tell her it was canceled, but I know they had. I did give her what would have been her tip. Text & email confirming the order is canceled. This is the second time Instacart has FAILed and the 3rd time a courier claimed to not be able to find the place.

Watched some Hot Bench.  And the latest Married At First Sight in which the couples were forced to throw housewarming parties and invite friends and family who could debrief the opposite member of the couple. It's pretty clear that one of the couples is breaking up, maybe before the deadline. And one other is in denial so hard.

No real meals today. Another batch of apple turnovers (from frozen). Chips and dip.

Plans for tomorrow:
Winco for fruit and veggies
3 pm work zoom training. Will the woman who uses meth for coffee creamer show up?

Exhausting day, new cat new trick, old cat old trick

After yesterday's grocery delivery FAIL, Winco was on my mind. A couple of Nevada friends had mentioned it online, and early in my time here I went, but it was a long drive, the place was dauntingly huge and you have to bag your own groceries, which come down the ramp quickly and there's another customer's stuff coming soon.

But the address looked closer than I remembered,  and there were a couple of YouTube videos of shopping at that very store. But none of them showed the checkout process.

In a nutshell, Winco is Costco without the requirement to buy 12 of everything. Cash or debit card only. Many items show prices at competing stores. Most do not.

Huge produce department, what they have looks good, but there were a few things they did not have. Laura Scudders smooth PNB they have, but not chunky. Adams they have both, but $$. Red delicious apples are kind of small but no Golden at all. Small steamed Dungeness crab (I bought one, had it for dinner) which is hard to find in Las Vegas. They carry the same pre packaged sushi as Albertson's for the same price. No house brand sliced canned olives. Organic cherry tomatoes but not inorganic, huge price diff. They had most of the Lean Cuisine meals I like. And sherbet.

Three aisles of bulk foods, half of one aisle is pet foods. I got some trail mix (peanuts & M&Ms).

Lots of people loudly on their phones.

Scored some big beautiful bananas, and lots of apples. Breakfast and snacks will be apples & PNB for a while.

Repacked everything in insulated bags (I brought along cold packs) and drove home. Only 7 miles but seemed longer.

100° at 10:30 am, after I brought things inside I needed to cool down and relax before putting stuff away.

Fired up the Amazon Fire and watched an alleged award-winning documentary by a woman who says she has been visited by multidimensional beings who appear as lights and continue to be her friends and guides. The movie is Among Us her name is Caroline Cory, and a few of her "experiencer" guests claim they are hybrids of human and alien, created on the UFO with their mom's eggs and anonymous sperm donors, with alien DNA inserted into the human cells.  Caroline has a slight accent which might be Eastern European, and looking at all the usual places, her birthplace and early years has been scrubbed from the Internet. Nothing on LinkedIn, IMDB, her web page, her production company web page. Maybe she's a Russian spy. The movie production is very simple, the "experts" present amateurish experiments. Most of the content is anecdotal, with no physical evidence. Free on Amazon Prime, worth full price.

3-5:30 pm work training zoom meeting, again it was just me and one other contractor, and three staff members. And again the first 2 hours was a rambling session which came close to what we will be expected to do, but it was delivered too quickly and without structure. But then the last half hour the programmer gave us a very well done PowerPoint which covered one of the large customers and what we'll be doing for them, which teams they stream, and on which packages. Next week we have two more training sessions, hopefully the boss will be there, and finally we get to do "ride-alongs" later in the week.   

I may have had an apple turnover for breakfast and most of a banana nut muffin from Winco as a snack. A whole Dungeness crab and rainbow sherbet for dinner.

Spent some time with Jade, she is still hiding in the storage rack but has also been seen parking under the computer/piano chair which I sit in when I come in to pet her. Spook is back to her old trick of waiting outside the door hoping I will let her in.

Tivo time - Married At First Sight tell-all with three of the participants. I was surprised that the black Brooklyn fireman spoke fluent Spanish, as did his bride. They called his mother and the whole conversation was in Spanish. Other than that I think they are totally incompatible. The woman who started as the most affectionate of all the couples has become something of a shrew. And her husband has brought out his dark side. The cowboy and the redhead are very attracted to each other but she needs him to tell her how he feels, keep the strong but ditch the silent type. Asian Party Boy was not there nor was his wife, but he's realizing that a married man cannot be a party boy. And he really wants to party much more than he wants to be married. And she is not attractive enough to change that.

Watched the Patriots try to give the game away to Dallas over and over again, but with 1:20 left Brady did it again and the bucks won.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stir some PNB (I have a nifty tool) and cut up an apple or two - more nifty tools).
Record some of the Jewish music LPs