September 10th, 2021


UTI is still interrupting my life

The only thing on Tivo this morning was Long Island Medium, who went to all the 9/11 sites and did readings for a couple of people who lost relatives. 20 years later the producers had plenty of material to work with, but as usual she pretends these are cold readings. There were thing she said came from the spirits of the departed which I had seen in newspaper and TV over the years. "How did she know that?" was a popular question. People hear what they want to hear.

The news and social media are all 9/11. Media never lets go. In 100 years there will still be 9/11 articles.
Sliced apple & PNB for breakfast. And also dinner after salad.

LP dividers were delivered but I have not opened the package because I did not do any recording.

Long phone call with youngest sister who recently had to put down her favorite cat. She adopted him from a feral shelter. I guess she is down to 1 cat now, plans to get another eventually.

There were people at the house next door, looking like they are maybe going to live there. As usual park management hasn't told us neighbors a thing. But the cable installer was there, adding lines, so my hope that the house would be taken away is not happening. Installation was paused for a surprise thunderstorm. Not much rain, a tiny bit of hail but lots of thunder.

Did a load of laundry - bedding, T-shirts  & shorts. 

Also delivered was 3 6-packs of cotton briefs, the absorbent pads I'm using don't stick to the nylon undies. Much better on cotton.

Dino Hunters was a rerun. So was 90 Day first hour, 2nd hour to be viewed later.

And one final delivery, slippers. The same ones I have been wearing, because they looked worn out but the laundering made them better.

Hematologist called, appointment for the end of the month.

Work schedule next week has me booked a lot. Very long session of "ride-along" on Sunday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dentist at 1, impression for new partial.