September 11th, 2021


Spook to the rescue, Dental impressions, stumbled through the day

The best part of last night's hell was Spook stayed on the bed with me all night, close enough to pet. Despite me getting up way too often. About 1 am I was getting dehydrated and went to the kitchen for a glass of grape juice on ice and then the livingroom to watch some trashy reality shows. Spook stayed near me then too, and joined me when I went back to bed around 3.

Was rudely awakened by the LVFD scanner broadcasting some guy who cannot sing, attempting the Star Spangled Banner. I think it was a firefighter and was synced with the time a tower was hit. Turned that off before brain damage set in.

I only stayed in bed an hour past the alarm, got dressed and on the computer, hiding all the 9/11 posts in Facebook. I hate how the media feels they have to pound us with tragedy on each anniversary ad infinitum. And how somehow even though the whole plot was done by Muslim Arabs I'm somehow not supposed to blame Muslim Arabs for it. 

Got to the dentist just before 1, was seen on time. My partial doesn't fit well over the new crowns, we didn't think it would, and so impressions were made for a new partial.

Next appointment on the 25th will be for a wax mold to be adjusted and the denture will be made from that, somewhere between 2 weeks and a month from then.

Home, lots of items jammed into my mailbox. And a package in the storage box (4 shirts). Humana sent me 2 kinds of drugs.

Took a nap as soon as I got home, Spook joined me.

Jade was behind the chair in the middle of the room when I came in, ran toward her hiding spot when I sat down but came back for petting and then to her canned food leftovers. Once she is nose-down in a food dish I become invisible.

Spook was everywhere, under the bed, in the front room guarding my shoes, etc.

Long-awaited Ring camera delivered. I bought one, they sent two. As I understand it I get to keep both. I bought the one for Jade's room, aimed at her hiding spot (Meowcam is taped to the storage rack, pointing the other way, and its motion sensor is not working). Charging the batteries overnight. I may or may not deploy the 2nd camera.

Ordered a BT mouse for the PC because the Razer mouse lied about it being wireless, and its recharge stand is stupid.

No real dinner - blame this morning's Ozempic shot.

Watched a lot of 90 Day The Other Way, and Gold Rush. Will finish Dino Hunters tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully tonight won't be another UTI hell
Resume recording LPs, starting with the Jewish music ones
Open the LP dividers package and re-populate the rack with albums separated by dividers.
Stay hydrated