September 18th, 2021


I feel so stoopid

Today was switch routers day. The new router was pretty easy to set up, and has a smaller footprint but more range. It should have been plug and play with all my devices, but I didn't note the SSIDs before I unplugged the old one and got the capitalization wrong on both of them. So I had to reboot all of them and change their network settings. By the time I figured out what the problem was it was too late.

But I had nothing else to do today...

Josh Gates' talk show was moderately interesting, I had watched most of it last night.

Watched a Nova program on how bats probably were the source of Covid. Most of the research was done in Thailand, mosquito capitol of the world.

Also watched the galley talk of the last Below Deck Med. Kind of sad that the captain is a recovered alcoholic, but she stays away from the parties in which most of the crew become falling-down drunk. And the conversation at the dinners is very toxic. 

Last night was another get up every hour night. Spook joined me around 5:30 am. Most of the night she was on the floor using some packages as pillows.

Jade got a lot of not quality time, since I had to re-configure two cameras in her room. She did not come out to get petted.

Plans for tomorrow:

The usual morning stuff
2:30 - 10 pm training ride-along.  Football game.
Take big boxes out to the curb