October 1st, 2021


Covid #3 +1; October Fools Day

As expected, the booster shot resulted in a sore arm, a minor headache, overall aches, and a lot of lethargy. And some disconnect.

It took way too long to decide to get into the shower, for example.

I didn't feel like I was all there when I drove to the UPS store to return the unwanted Cox package. Or on the drive home.

I tried to make a clip of the end of the drive from the Nexar cam, showing the wonderful reveal toward the end as my mountain came into view. It kept wanting to show me the start of the drive.

Blew off the PCP's admin when she wanted me to come in sooner than the 20th for my appointment, did not want to deal with moving up the lab tests and the conflict with Spook's vet visit.

Nap at 2 pm. Spook joined me for a couple of minutes but bailed.

Checked in on Jade, she was not being very affectionate. She's enjoying being queen of the tree.

Ran out of entertainment, watched some YouTube videos about separated at birth twins, and other long lost friends re-united.

Hot Bench, Lower Decks. Four shows are recording, so I can't watch anything. Out of tuners.

Be lazy
Lots of Tivo to watch
Maybe also college football
Order delivery food?