October 2nd, 2021


Sashimi achieved, more suspenders delivered to the mailbox, Rent increase letter weirdness

Two days post booster, most of the reaction symptoms are reduced. Still did not feel up to going shopping so I ordered delivered 3 sashimi plates and a mixed tempura dinner. All of these come with a bonus California roll appetizer big enough to be lunch, so all in all $90 got me four dinners and four lunches. :-)  And chopsticks, soy sauce, wasabi and pink ginger (which I dispose of).

Door Dash people don't read the instructions they are given with the order. This one thought the order was for the clubhouse, but phoned me because she was confused about that. This happens more with the other delivery services than with DD.

Fedex delivered a big package from Northshore. Still waiting for the cat gate from Chewy. I really want to give Jade and Spook some non-lethal quality time. And for Jade to not feel so shut in.

Drove to the mailbox, inside were two scam Medicare-related items, two Amazon packets with a pair of suspenders in each, and a letter from the Park, telling me my space rent was going up $49 a month on the first of the year. Weird, because it was not certified as it is supposed to be, and USPS Informed Delivery email showed it to be last week.

Adding BBC America to my cable was worth the $9 a month, this morning I watched The Graham Norton Show which featured the leads from the cast of the next James Bond movie, and musical guest was a very trimmed down Ed Sheeran, who blamed parenthood for his transformation. The "variety pak" also included Nat Geo Wild, which sometimes is worth watching.

Also a 3-hour Gold Rush which would have been 2 hours without the needless narration. It may be the tuning adapter, but Tivo's EPG got two programs wrong: 90 Day The Other Way teaser was listed as Pillow Talk, and Below Deck Med Galley Talk was actually a very old rerun of Below Deck original series.

Watched some college football, close games but low scoring because the refs were strict but the coaches were not.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the bird preserve now that the weather is cooler
I'm out of Irish Cream. I should do something about that.
Later this week it should be cool enough to finally take the camera out to the strip.

I always forget something important

Woke up to the Las Vegas Fire Department scanner with a lot of traffic. Someone named Daryn retired today, and one by one all the units came on the radio, thanked him for his expertise, help and service, and wished him a long retirement. Each message was individualized, as some knew him better than others.