October 3rd, 2021


Broken Sunday

Insomnia - could not get my brain to turn off. Finally put on a robe & slippers and padded across the house to the PC and watched a bunch of YouTube. Zac Brown Band, Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett, female captain in camo surprising her 15 year old daughter at a college football game.

A little after 5 there was a big bang, I checked my security cams and five or six raccoons were on my back steps, two of them got under the recycle bin and toppled it. The lid stayed on, no mess, just noise so I went outside and righted it. The bang scared them away, toward the nextdoor neighbor's house.

Noticed the mess of wires leading to my USB hub. Don't need the fancy mic anymore since I've given up Twitch streaming. Removed that. Ditto the hummingbird cam for the same reason.  Now the coaster for my drink is unobstructed.

Facebooked. Twittered. LinkedIned.

Went back to bed around 7, stayed till almost noon. Amazon Music's music for meditation is good background stuff, no beat, lots of harp, not a lot of high frequencies. Turned off the LVFD scanner after they knocked down the first fire. There was also a report of a serious crash, and a young couple overdosed but maybe still alive. Dispatch usually only gives the gist of the 911 call. Too often they send the first responder to the wrong address or an incomplete address and there's a politely worded call from the first responder asking Dispatch to contact 911  for more details.

Kinda sad because it is finally cool enough to take the camera out, but the booster is still sucking away my motivation. But Sunday is not a good day for that anyhow.

Watched PTI, but it was truncated. Tivo will do that if there's another 4 items to record. NFL, so maybe. I watched 3 games today, mostly on slow FF.

Deleted my Discord account.

Something on a high school band member's page prompted me to pull my three yearbooks, and sure enough, we did play and march at football games. But only my sophomore and junior years, it seems. My senior year we had no photos of us in the stands, and the band photo was not in uniform. I'm a wee bit surprised because our band director had been in a circus band, and liked uniforms, but OTOH by then he was kind of frazzled some of the time.
Junior year, I'm top row, 2nd from the right, playing baritone horn. The sousaphone player is Robert Schampara, the only person in the school bullied more than me. He went on to be trainer for a world championship University of Oregon track team.

Sophomore year, I was still in the trumpet section.
I frankly don't remember the uniforms or the band being this big.

Tomorrow I should get my nails done.