October 4th, 2021


DeFaced, and a day of impulse buys

Facebook was down most of the day, so less online time by a lot. Did read news as usual.

Scheduled the big lab tests for PCP for tomorrow morning (fasting tonight).

Called Animal Control, they no longer handle raccoons. Transferred to Wildlife, but they said hire a pest control company. There are none in my area which handle animals - just insects.

Out of Irish Cream last night so searched online, decided Total Wine was the right choice. And they were. Not very far in Henderson, there was a big display of Kavanagh, reasonable price, high rating, after looking at the dozen others around the corner I got a 1.75 bottle. Also got Godiva dark chocolate and a pina colada mix. Then to the sparkling wines, bought a 4-pack of mini Cook's, two Korbel brut minis, and a Stanford mini. The minis are a nostalgia item. When I was 19 and working at KOMO-TV, one of the staff gifted everyone with a mini bottle of champagne. I promised not to drink it till I was 21, and it sat around for maybe a decade after that. Ended up throwing it away. I think it was a 4th of July gift because it had an American flag design printed on the bottle. Finally also got a 16-pack of liqueur filled dark chocolate "bottles".

Low Hgl hit me in the parking lot before I went inside, two glucose tablets helped.

Home, mailbox had a pair of cables from Amazon. Seriously low now, two Klondike bars to get back to normal.

Watched 90 Day The Other Way, ate a serving of California rolls. 90 Day was mixed - Russian cutie finally saw through Mormon moron. Expect a ticket home next episode. Jenny in India is insane to suggest family counseling for her in-laws. She is the problem, not them. Ari made Bini crazy by buying a ticket home for her and her baby, who needs hernia surgery which could easily be done in Ethiopia. She did it without talking to him. His last ex was American, did the same thing and never came back. She promises she will, but I am not so sure. She is still in love with her ex...

Took a nap - deep sleep for 90 minutes. Heard Jade crying, and Spook was sitting by her door, so I went in with canned food and spent some time petting her and trying to play with her. Really need that gate to arrive! Fedex says it is stuck in Texas. Maybe Amazon can get it to me faster. Oh wait, that brand is Chewy only. Was due 2 days ago.

Started watching the Raiders/LA Chargers game - 35 minute lightning delay. Rare for LA. More to watch after I write this. The last sashimi for dinner. Mixed pina colada with soda, needed to dilute it a lot.

BASFA meeting was well-attended and longer than usual. A lot of good stuff. Prez & Sec absent. :-(

Impulse buy: TCL Google (not Roku) 65" QLED TV to replace outdated Samsung LED 55#. Delivery Thursday afternoon.


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